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More Digital Marketing Predictions For 2022

More Digital Marketing Predictions For 2022


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From an increase in the popularity of video ads to the possibility of VR becoming the next big marketing platform, our Digital Marketing Predictions For 2022 blog gave some interesting insights into what this year might have in store for digital marketers. Now, Think with Google have revealed their top marketing predictions for the year, giving us even more food for thought from the experts at Google themselves. Here’s what else we can expect from the world of digital marketing in the year ahead…

Marketing Prediction #1 - Intersectionality

The pandemic has highlighted societal inequalities on a massive scale. This has created expectations for brands to take a more nuanced approach to diversity and inclusion. To truly represent the interests of your client base, it’s important to understand the many identities that matter to people.

In other words, acknowledging that people’s identities are intersectional is essential. Each person has their own unique lived experiences, and we cannot define people by any single characteristic. The people in your market are more likely to connect with your brand if they see themselves reflected in a way that takes their lived experiences and perspectives into account, without making assumptions about their identity.

What should your brand do in 2022 to be more inclusive? Researching what identity means to the people in your market would be a great place to start. Your findings should then be incorporated into every stage of the creative process, including updating the language and designs you use. Build marketing campaigns that are representative and accessible, bearing in mind that people’s interests and needs are constantly changing and evolving.

Marketing Prediction #2 - Privacy

Online privacy matters to people more today than ever before. According to a survey by Google, 73% of people only use online services which promise high data protection. This includes encrypted emails and privacy-protecting search engines. At the same time, we know that data is needed to provide consumers with useful information and relevant ads.

In 2022, marketers need to prioritise building a data protection strategy that puts the customer first. That means rethinking your methods for measuring and reaching audiences, so people feel in control of what data they share. E.ON successfully did this with tools like Google Analytics 4 and Global Site Tag, which helped them get a more complete picture of their audience while preserving user privacy.

The bottom line? It’s important to build trust with your customers. Marketers can start this process by being open and honest about how and when they collect personal information, and by putting users in control of their data.

Marketing Prediction #3 - Authenticity

To stand out from competitors in 2022, brands should be more intentional about communicating their value and authentic purpose through their marketing campaigns. You need to create messages that are true to your brand and relevant to people, reflecting their needs. By leaning into brand purpose and expressing value in a way that is authentic and consistent, your brand can connect meaningfully with audiences and drive business results.

Marketing Prediction #4 - “Shoppable” content

Global e-commerce sales grew by nearly 30% last year and new ways have emerged to make online content more “shoppable”. Consumers can now buy products directly from social posts, when tuning into their favourite shows, and while watching YouTube content.

Storytelling is key to creating content that people want to shop from. Effective shoppable marketing campaigns should follow the ABCD framework:

  • Attention: Hook and sustain people with an immersive story
  • Branding: Brand early, often, and richly
  • Connection: Help people think and feel something
  • Direction: Ask them to take action

Research by Google shows that ads with ABCD drivers are likely to see a 30% lift in short-term sales.

Consider how you can make your content story-driven to make it more shoppable in 2022.

Marketing Prediction #5 - Sustainability

According to Think with Google, the vast majority of people say sustainability is more important to them now than it was before the pandemic. People expect brands to lead the way in making sustainability more achievable in their daily lives. This can be done by incorporating sustainability benefits into choices people are already making: Adidas’ popular Stan Smith shoes, for example, are now made from recycled polyester.

Marketers can also show people how their business is solving everyday sustainability problems, such as reducing the waste created by increased shopping deliveries and returns.

It’s time to make sustainable solutions part of the norm. Update your messaging and policies to show the actions you are taking and be transparent about what happens to returned products.

Not sure where to start with implementing these changes? dmt can help propel your brand towards success based on these marketing predictions. Get in touch to find out more about our services in paid social, PPC, and email marketing.