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National Doughnut Week - The Best Tweets by Our Favourite Doughnut Brands

National Doughnut Week - The Best Tweets by Our Favourite Doughnut Brands




This year, National Doughnut Week falls between the 20th and 28th May. As well as being celebrated for the treat’s great taste, National Doughnut Week is also held to raise funds and awareness for The Children’s Trust, a UK-based charity that helps children with brain injuries.

As an office of doughnut-lovin, marketing wizards, we felt obliged to recognise this day (and not just with a box of Timbits). After doing a little bit of research, we’ve come to the realisation that delicious doughnuts and good marketing go hand-in-hand. 

As well as creating top-notch sweet treats, brands like Tim Hortons and Dunkin’ Donuts are universally great at maintaining a strong social media presence.

If you love a good meme and the odd cheeky pun, donut stop scrollin’ as we reveal some of the best tweets, posted by our favourite doughnut brands…

Tim Hortons

Always one step ahead of every big trend, Tim Hortons have without a doubt, mastered their Twitter strategy. By being relatable and posting content that directly speaks to their audience, the Tim Hortons team have been able to grow an engaged and loyal Twitter following.

Dunkin’ Donuts

If you can Tweet the word “donuts” and somehow reach 18.5K likes, then you must be doing something right! Over the past few years, the Dunkin’ Donuts social media team have established a super relatable and humorous Twitter presence. With Tweets that resonate with their everyday customer, it’s clear that this brand avoids the super ‘salesy’ social media strategy and instead focuses on creating strong relationships.

Krispy Kreme

Always creating new ways to generate Twitter engagement, Krispy Kreme are masters at talking to their Twitter audience. This doesn’t just help their engagement rate, but it’s also a smart way to gather customer feedback and data about everyone’s favourite doughnuts. 

So, What Can We Learn From These Tweets?

If you want to showcase your personality and present yourself as a relatable brand, then Twitter is the place for you. This platform is the perfect way to develop and highlight your unique tone of voice, naturally attracting followers who align with your brand on a personal level. 

By speaking to your ideal audience and showing up consistently, you can achieve higher levels of engagement and most importantly, build a positive brand image and online community.

If you’re ready to grow your brand and level up your online presence, please donut hesitate to check out our game-changing digital marketing services!

To find out how you can get involved in National Doughnut Week and raise awareness around The Children’s Trust, please click here.