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PPC case study: Increasing ROAS by 900% for a leading online fashion brand by using Branded & Dynamic Search

PPC case study: Increasing ROAS by 900% for a leading online fashion brand by using Branded & Dynamic Search




A leading fashion brand came to us in December to instruct us to manage and implement an effective and profitable Search and Display campaign as part of their existing marketing activity.

The client’s previous search campaign performance for November 2018 had resulted in £4.29K in Revenue with a ROAS of 1.18.

By the end of our first month we had increased ROAS to 11.81 – a 900% increase, cost was down 59% and revenue up 300% to £17.2K.

Here’s a comparison of performance on the search account in December 2018 vs November 2018:

How this was achieved:

From analysis on the account we decided to align our strategy to implement both a dynamic search and branded search targeted setup. Branded search implementation makes good business sense because for most fashion brands there are competitors that will indirectly be bidding without your knowledge. Our advice is to adopt and implement branded search as a part of your overall PPC activity, which will bolster and add value to your brand at a reasonable cost level.

Why should this fashion brand use branded search?

  1. Bidding on branded queries dominates your search engine results page. I think we can all agree that two is better than one, especially when it comes to your links on a SERP. In the same way that having multiple links in an email can increase click-through rates, by giving the search user more opportunities to click, it works to your advantage. In addition, by appearing in both the organic and paid ads columns, you are proving to the user that you are a prominent player in your space.
  2. You can control your messaging. Organic listings may be free advertising, but let’s face it, they are boring. Paid ads give you an opportunity to craft a message that will grab the attention of your searchers and entice them to visit your site. To really drive this point home, remember that your organic results might not send searchers to the most ideal landing pages. Take advantage of paid ads and send your searchers to your highest converting landing pages. Use sitelinks, Product Listing Ads and other engaging ad formats to enhance your ads to make them standout.
  3. Competitors will likely be stepping on your patch. If your competitors are savvy, they’ll already be bidding on your branded terms. So, if someone does a search for your company, they’ll find your organic listings flanked (or even preceded) by a nice shiny ad singing the praises of your competitor. This may actually cause traffic that would have been headed to your site to be diverted right over to the welcoming landing pages of your competitor.
  4. Branded terms are a steal. We’re all on the hunt for cheap keywords that actually have search volume. Those “magic” keywords might be right under your nose – your own brand name! Don’t just stick with your company name, bid on your specific products or even your URL. Not only are these words likely to be easy on your wallet, they should also garner some of your highest click-through rates and Quality Scores.
  5. Capture high-quality leads that are at the point of conversion. People who are searching for your branded terms are already acquainted with your company. Perhaps they’ve heard about you from a friend, researched you in the past or are even return customers. They know you have what they want and, chances are, they are further along in the buying cycle than the average Joe Shmoe who’s searching more generic terms.

Additionally we implemented Dynamic Search ads into the client’s PPC account activity.

Why should you use Dynamic Search Ads?

  1. It saves time: Long gone are the days of mapping out your keywords to ads to landing pages manually. By simply selecting the pages on your website that you want to promote, AdWords is your work horse and delivers your ad copy and headlines to a precision effect.
  2. It will show relevant headlines: When a users’s search matches a page you want to promote through dynamic search ads, AdWords will generate a headline that matches that user search and content from your landing page to deliver a seamless and relevant fluid user search journey.
  3. Constant, automatic updates to your ad copy: AdWords will regularly crawl your website for additions and changes in the content which keeps your ad copy fresh and up-to-date.
  4. Campaign control: Ads can be shown based on a variety of targeting options. You can target all pages of your website, specific pages using titles or strings of text within the URL, pages containing certain words and the newly added option of a page feed. For example, adding a label to pages with “High ROI” will allow you to promote pages with that label only.
  5. Expand your search reach: Keywords can only capture so much. By targeting pages of your website, you will achieve reach beyond the keywords that you bid on, resulting in more traffic to your website.

Do you have a fashion brand and want to know more about PPC? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to run an audit on your accounts, or simply explain a little more about how we can help you.