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The Art of the Emoji

The Art of the Emoji


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We’re all familiar with the emoji. Chances are, you use emojis every day when messaging friends and family, or when updating your personal social media pages. But have you ever stopped to think about what the purpose of the emoji is? Why exactly have they become such a fundamental part of how we communicate online? 🤔

Emojis are such a wonderful asset in online communication because they allow us to convey tone of voice, facial expressions and body language in the same way we would in a face-to-face conversation. Intended meaning can often get lost over text, but emojis can easily prevent this issue when used effectively.

How do you include emojis in digital marketing?

Bearing this in mind, it becomes clear how emojis can be a valuable tool in digital marketing. Using emojis in your brand’s social media posts and advertising copy allows you to communicate more effectively and successfully with your target audience. This is because emojis humanize your brand, making you seem more relatable, approachable and warm. The statistics speak for themselves; a recent study showed that a tweet that made use of emojis had a 25.4% higher engagement rate than the exact same tweet without any emojis. Similarly, it has been found that emojis increase Instagram engagement rate by 48%. 🤯

Another huge benefit of using emojis in online marketing for your brand is that less is always more. A potential customer isn’t going to read long paragraphs of text in order to find out what your brand is or what makes you stand out from similar brands. Keeping it short and sweet has always been essential for a successful marketing campaign. Adding emojis can help massively with this. Emojis carry their own connotations that allow an attitude or phrase that might have taken up several words in written form to be conveyed in just a single character. 😍

Know your audience.

But you can’t just use any old emoji in your posts and expect to see your engagement rates shoot up. Your brand identity should play a large role in how and when you use emojis; it goes without saying that if your brand encourages healthy eating, then using the 🍩🍫🍟 emojis would be a tad confusing. Your target audience should also be considered carefully when it comes to what emojis you use and when. If your brand is marketed towards young women, for example, you might use more typically feminine emojis to capture their attention, such as 💖💅✨. By contrast, if your brand is marketed towards men, you might use more masculine emojis such as 🔥👊💯. Doing research into how your target audience uses emojis is key. But you can’t go wrong with a nice 😄 or ❤️ if you want to come across as friendly!

So, what’s the take-away here? Eye-catching, concise and full of personality, emojis can be a huge asset to the online presence of your brand. Yet using emojis is an underrated art, and you need to have a clear vision for your brand identity. And your target audience to use them effectively and boost your engagement rates! 😎

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