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The Best Marketing Campaigns Created by Our Favourite Vegan Brands

The Best Marketing Campaigns Created by Our Favourite Vegan Brands




World Vegan Day is celebrated every year on November 1st. This global event raises awareness around the benefits of veganism for animals, humans, and the natural environment.

With our fair share of veggies, vegans and plant-based food lovers in the office, we had to find a way to recognise this day.

Keep reading as we reveal the best marketing campaigns created by some of our favourite vegan brands…

Oatly: "Wow No Cow"

Oatly is no stranger to clever marketing. Over the past few years, the Swedish oat milk company has taken the internet by storm. With its catchy and somewhat controversial advertising copy, marketers have become low-key obsessed with the brand’s tone of voice and overall strategy.

In the 2017 “WOW No Cow" campaign, Oatly took a simple yet super-effective approach. CEO, Toni Petersson sings “WOW No Cow” repeatedly, in a field of oats. The clever messaging also highlights how the plant-based drink is just like milk, only “for humans”. Even seven years later, the "Wow No Cow" slogan is synonymous with this fast-growing brand.

Beyond Meat: "Go Beyond"

Beyond Meat has played a huge role in popularising plant-based meat alternatives. Featuring celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, their "Go Beyond" campaign encourages consumers to look beyond traditional meat and try their delicious and sustainable alternatives. 

What sets this campaign apart is its emphasis on taste and accessibility. Beyond Meat doesn't just focus on being a vegan product; it focuses on being a product for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences. This inclusivity is the key to its success.

LoveRaw: “Where Are They Now”

LoveRaw is a confectionery brand that brings a fun and innovative twist to plant-based snacks. Their "Give Two Fingers to Big Choc" campaign centres around a humour-driven mockumentary. It introduces three characters originally created by major chocolate brands: The Kid, The Man, and The Gorilla. We’ll let you take a guess at who they could be.

The mockumentary delves into the question, "Where are they now?”. It then showcases the beloved characters as they find a second chance at life when LoveRaw takes them under its wing.

Violife: “Change Your Cheese”

Violife is a 100% vegan brand, specialising in cheese alternatives. In 2022, the brand launched its campaign “Change Your Cheese”, which celebrates their delicious dairy-free products.

The video ad takes viewers on a culinary journey, featuring a variety of classic cheesy dishes, all made with Violife’s alternatives. From Nachos & ‘Change’ to a gourmet ‘change’ pizza, the ad showcases how you can add a plant-based touch to any of these everyday meals. The video then ends with the catchy tagline “Change Your Cheese, Change Our Planet”, highlighting how this simple switch is also beneficial to our environment.

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