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The Best Sustainability Campaigns -  In Celebration of Earth Day

The Best Sustainability Campaigns - In Celebration of Earth Day




Earth Day is an annual event on April 22. It aims to raise awareness and show support for environmental protection. With a goal of saving the earth from things like pollution and deforestation, there are now more than a billion people who celebrate this day.

As buzzwords such as “sustainable” and “biodegradable” have now become everyday parlance, the need to sell eco-friendly products or at least reduce a business’s carbon footprint is certainly on the rise.

With more than a third of consumers willing to pay more for sustainable goods, selling eco-friendly products isn’t just beneficial for the planet, but is great for business too.

Earth Day & Digital Marketing

As consumers become more concerned about the environment, digital marketing has become an essential tool for promoting Earth Day initiatives and encouraging people to take action for the planet.

To spread awareness and educate shoppers, more and more brands are now using digital marketing to showcase their environmental values and commitment to sustainability. 

With this in mind, we had a look back at some of the best sustainability campaigns, created by the eco-friendly brands that we all know and love.

Climate Action Starts at Home | IKEA

In an effort to show the simplicity of living sustainably, IKEA created the campaign “Climate Action Starts at Home”. The ad aims to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and adopt more sustainable habits in their daily lives.

By showcasing simple switches such as air drying over tumble drying and cycling instead of driving, IKEA provides practical and accessible solutions for sustainable living. The campaign also highlights that this lifestyle is not just about reducing carbon emissions, but is also about improving the quality of life for individuals and communities. For example, cheaper bills, healthier habits and more fulfilling lifestyles.

Designing a Better Future | PANGAIA

The Pangaia “Designing a Better Future” advert is a powerful statement on the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. It highlights its unique approach to design and manufacturing, emphasising a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. 

Featuring Pangaia’s efforts, the narrator explains that it is time to “reverse the cycle”. Going from “the unnatural to the natural”, “plastic to plants” and “the new to the recycled”, this campaign captivates users, while perfectly describing the brand’s story. The advert then ends with the powerful statement “designing a better future, for our one and only, planet earth”. 

Buy Less, Demand More | Patagonia

Known for its sustainable outerwear, Patagonia is no stranger to eco-friendly marketing campaigns. Two years ago they launched “Buy Less, Demand More”,  a thought-provoking video addressing conscious consumption. The advert encourages viewers to rethink their approach to shopping and prioritise quality over quantity.

Asking consumers to demand more from the products they buy, the narrator advises us to “look for products that you can use in multiple ways, repair what you wear out and pass things down, demand recycled, demand fairtrade, demand organic”.

While inspiring consumers to take action, Patagonia also uses this advert as the perfect way to showcase the versatility and durability of its everlasting products.

A Climate Change Promise From Apple 

In 2020, Apple launched the powerful campaign “A Climate Change Promise”, highlighting the company’s goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. The video ad features a baby called Edan, symbolising the younger and future generations who will be most affected by global warming.

Whilst capturing close shots of Edan, the narrator says “We promise that everything we make, the way we make it, and even how you use it, will be carbon neutral by your tenth birthday”.

The use of the baby in the video adds an emotional element, helping to underscore the importance of taking action for the sake of future generations.

So, What Can We Learn From These Adverts?

Unlike a few years back, marketing now plays a huge role in driving positive change towards a more sustainable future. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, brands are strategically using sustainability as a key component in their marketing efforts. 

As we can see, it’s clear that big-name brands are no longer just selling sustainable products, but they are also using creative storytelling to inform consumers about their eco-friendly choices and inspire them to take action towards a more sustainable future. 

Having studied all the ins and outs of successful marketing, there’s no denying that we know what makes a great campaign. If you need help with advertising on Google, Facebook or via email marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!