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The Health & Wellness Brands That Are Taking Over The Internet

The Health & Wellness Brands That Are Taking Over The Internet




The obsession with health and wellness is well and truly taking over the internet. In the post-Covid world, brands and businesses tailored to an active, healthier lifestyle are more in demand than ever before. 

This World Heath Day, we’ve taken a look at the brands that are competing and succeeding in an overly saturated market with their innovative marketing models for you to take some inspiration from!


Created by influencer turned entrepreneur Grace Beverly, TALA was born through a niche in the market by combining fashionable gym wear that’s rooted in sustainability with comfort and quality.

With a predominantly Gen Z audience, TALA generated sales of £5.2 million in less than a year of trading and has currently amassed over 443k followers on Instagram due to their grid aesthetic, strong influencer marketing strategy and incorporation of authentic lifestyle imagery. 

Trip CBD

Trip CBD is a drink and oil brand that aims to calm and unwind. In recent years, CBD has become a popular alternative to drinking alcohol for a lot of people, and Trip encourages its audience to prioritise health over hangovers. 

The founders left their careers in law and finance to kickstart the business, and it immediately became obvious they were filling a gap in the market. Due to their aesthetically-pleasing branding, Trip has become so popular that it holds an 88% share of the UK’s CBD market, and in 2023 they were able to rack up over 50 million impressions on TikTok and Instagram.

Currently, Trip is available to buy in over 25,000 outlets in Europe alone. They’ve recently made a leap to the US and are now also stocked in Erewhon, an upscale wellness retailer in Los Angeles. 


ZOE is currently considered the UK’s fastest-growing health-tech brand. Centred around nutrition, the company analyses different foods and the body’s response to them through microbiome testing and diet tracking. 

The innovation of the product caught the attention of Dragon’s Dens’ Steven Bartlett, and the brand has seemingly taken off and partnered with retailer Marks and Spencer. After launching in 2022, ZOE garnered over 130,000 sign-ups in just over a year, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

Bloom Nutrition

Bloom Nutrition is a supplement company that has gained the majority of its exposure through TikTok. They occupied the health and wellness space by using a mix of UGC content and influencer marketing that showcased their viral product and its benefits. 

By capitalising on viral trends and showing unique behind-the-scenes of their products, they’ve expanded their audience and become a brand to know on socials.


TRIB3 is yet another brand that’s changed the landscape of the health industry. Since launching in Sheffield, TRIB3 has crafted a new way to workout by creating boutique-style gym spaces that aim to make exercise a fun and unique experience. 

Setting itself apart from other gyms, TRIB3 has managed to create a community of fitness enthusiasts by meshing health, aesthetics and lifestyle. With 17 gyms across Europe, they’re rapidly expanding and are soon set to dominate the gym sector.


Alo has been on the rise in the fitness apparel space. Partnering with well-known celebrities and influencers has helped them increase their brand awareness and exposure. One of their key marketing moves has been enlisting Kendall Jenner as one of their influencers and brand ambassadors. 

This led to a huge increase in their following, and from this, they began hosting high-profile, in-person events to keep the momentum going. For example, their brand influencer trip to Aspen garnered more attention and also gave them unparalleled social coverage.

Even if your business isn’t dedicated to health and wellness, these brands are really nailing their marketing and social strategies, and there’s something to take from them!

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