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The importance of using a feed management tool for Google Shopping

The importance of using a feed management tool for Google Shopping




Google Shopping is a powerful form of PPC for eCommerce companies, helping put your products at the top of competitive Google searches. However, unlike other forms of Google advertising, being listed on Google Shopping can only be achieved through building a specialised data feed and product listings. This data feed has to be built and categorised in line with Google Shopping guidelines and requirements, and it can be confusing, time-consuming and frustrating. An easy way to avoid this painstaking process is to use a feed management tool.


Why use Google Shopping?

When combined with an optimised and frequently-updated data feed, Google Shopping will drive additional traffic to your site, thereby bringing you more sales and helping build your userbase. Google also features Shopping’s most relevant products in its web results, thus displaying them to the organic web search traffic. If you want to keep up with your competitors, it’s crucial to make use of Google Shopping.

The importance of using a feed management tool

Using a feed management tool makes it easy to keep your feed optimised and up to date. Your shopping feed is not only the foundation of your Google campaigns, but also your Facebook product catalogues. Using an optimised data feed can drastically impact campaign performance across both channels.

Rather than taking charge of your shopping feed in-house, which can be time-consuming and complicated, using a data management tool can help improve efficiency and minimise the risk of errors. Making use of a powerful tool with a support team can help boost your performance, whilst also increasing your own knowledge.

DMT recommends Feedoptimise

Feedoptimise is a really handy tool with fantastic customer service. If you’re struggling with your data feeds, the clever guys over at Feedoptimise can handle the whole of the feed management process, from the feed creation process through to daily data feed updates and real-time performance monitoring and optimisation. We’ve listed just some of the tool’s features and how they can help you manage your feeds.

Data feed creation

Feedoptimise can create, map and categorise the entire feed for you based on Google’s guidelines, if necessary building it by scraping or crawling your website, so as to make sure your Google Shopping campaign can perform to its maximum capability. They will update and submit your data feed to Google Product Search on a daily basis, so as to keep all your product listings up-to-date at all times and provide Google users with the best possible experience.

Real time performance monitoring

You will also have access to real-time data feed performance analytics, enabling you to see your campaign activity in terms of clicks and sales as soon as they happen. This helps you keep sight of any feed-based campaigns such as product level performance, campaign and channel performance, category/brand performance and performance by hours. Built-in capabilities allows you to track your goals, and enter your campaign’s thresholds and budgets, meaning that you can easily pause products where your cost per click targets are not being achieved.

Feed optimisation

The feed optimisation feature ensures your products are always described, giving as much information as possible inside the data feed, so as to improve your rankings and help Google Shopping users find your products easily. This helps increase the chances of your products being clicked on within a competitive marketplace.

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