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The Weirdest Things You Can Gift This Christmas

The Weirdest Things You Can Gift This Christmas




The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and although that means eating, drinking and being merry as hell, it also means you gotta get gifting. Hopefully, by now you’ve been able to get some Xmas shopping completed, but there’s always someone on your gifting list that you struggle to buy for. Maybe it’s because they’ve got everything they could possibly need or want, or maybe it’s because they’re absolutely bizzaro weird. So if you need some really out-there ideas, we’ve collated a list of weird Christmas presents and the most unusual gifts on the internet this year.

And when we say the weirdest gifts, we’re going above and beyond for the search here. This is some of the craziest stuff we’ve ever seen on the internet. If your friends and family really want these gifts, we’d suggest trimming down your friends list in 2022.

Streamer’s Bath Water or Farts in a Jar

We’re starting out with a bang here. Several years ago it was reported that gamer girl and streamer Belle Delphine was selling her bathwater online to doting fans. Although she is no longer as prominent as she once was, this is a crazy internet moment that will be remembered forever.

At $30 a pop, though, Belle’s bathwater is cheap compared to the most recent odd offering from an influencer. For just $1000, you or the one you love could be the proud owner of one of Stephanie/Stepanka Matto’s “farts in a jar”. YouTuber, model and founder of NSFW platform Unfiltrd, Matto sold 97 jars in just two days, which led to this really insightful tweet:

Etsy Spells

Depending on your stance on the existence of witchcraft, this could either be a grand investment or a tremendous waste of money. Etsy has a whole section of their website dedicated to spells, charms, incantations and curses that could potentially change your life… if they work. Starting at an affordable £2 for a money abundance spell, these gifts go all the way up to a year-long promise of dedicated witches realising your every wish for a hefty £12,145.70.

Of course, it’s hard to gift someone something as abstract as a spell, but most of these wonderful gifts come with a delivered certificate that says the spell has been cast for you. The majority of these products have super-high ratings and positive reviews, even though many of the reviewers are yet to see results or “manifestations” from the purchases. We wish them well and our fingers are crossed for them, but in the best possible way, this could be a bit of a waste of money!

Anatomically Correct Swimsuit


Nothing says Merry Christmas like a swimsuit, and you can’t get more festive than a human body without skin.

There’s honestly not a whole lot we can say about this, except that it’s only £8.99 and that still seems too expensive for something so unnerving.

We guess it could be a good costume for a really creepy New Year’s party?


Bring the joy and warm spirit of Christmas to your loved ones with a gorgeous gift-wrapped box of farmyard animals’ excrement.

With the choice between pig, donkey, horse or cow faeces, the poo-ssibilities are near-endless!

This is definitely the kind of gift for that person you *have* to buy for, but don’t necessarily want the friendship to continue past the holidays. And definitely not one you’ll be spending the big day with.



If your taste in unusual Christmas gifts is a little bit less offensive than faecal matter, why not surprise the one you love with one of the “world’s weirdest gifts” – a potato with a text written on it.

Text a Potato has been around for a little while, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The recipient gets a lovely premium spud with a message written on it. It’s the perfect gift for those of your friends who absolutely adore potatoes, never leave the couch, or are simply Irish.
We can say from experience, however, that while it is a fun and imaginative gift, make sure the recipient doesn’t forget about the potato as it will become green and start to grow over time. Ours gave us big Little Shop of Horrors vibes.


What do you give the person who has everything? Nothing, of course.

This one’s a bit of a silly one (unlike all of our other solid ideas), and it’s also another incredible waste of money. The gift box of nothing is exactly that. Nada. Nowt. Zilch. It might be a fun, semi-decent joke for a few seconds, but it makes more sense to just buy your own gift box on the cheap and send it with nothing inside.

A Whole T-Rex

Opposite end of the price spectrum here. At the very agreeable price of just $120,000, you can’t afford to miss out on this incredible deal! Perfect for homes of any size, this lifesize tyrannosaurus rex skeleton will delight those who miss the simpler times of the Jurassic period, and is a great prezzie for fans of Ben Stiller movies.

One slightly confusing thing on this page is that it seems to be an extra $11k for the skull – surely the head is included in this amazing deal?

Banana Duck

This final one is a peel treat. Whether you’re a fan of ducks or bananas, or love a quirky garden ornament, you’re sure to love this banana duck garden ornament.

With the body of a banana and the head and legs of a duck, there’s not much more to be said about this perfect specimen of taste. It’s honestly high art.

Your friends will be in awe as they enter your garden, making remarks like, “What is that unholy creature?”, “What a stupid purchase!”, and “You’ve gone too far this time, Gillian.”

A word of caution on this, though – those with either ornithophobia (fear of birds) or bananaphobia (fear of bananas) will be instantly deterred from your garden. If this is the aim of your purchase, please proceed.

If you’re still struggling to find a gift after this, we honestly don’t know where else you can turn. The dmt Christmas Tree is already populated with fart jar, banana duck and t-rex-shaped presents underneath it.
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