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Tips For Increasing Sales In January 2023

Tips For Increasing Sales In January 2023




January has been historically known as one of the worst sales months. With little or no events, empty bank accounts and a long-awaited payday, consumers tend to avoid buying basically anything that isn’t necessary. 

For years, Boxing Day sales have saved businesses from having a completely quiet Christmas aftermath. But this year, things are a little different. With the current cost of living crisis and a decrease in Christmas spending, shoppers may not be so quick to jump for those January sales.

With that being said, there is always a solution - especially when creativity comes into place.

Keep reading to reveal our top tips for increasing sales over January…

Leverage New Year Themes

Relatable and relevant content has never been so important. It brings your brand’s personality to life, keeps your audience highly engaged and improves your SEO. With many people starting the New Year with health & fitness goals, lifestyle changes and even diet challenges, brands should plan a solid strategy focused on these themes and motifs. Consider topics such as Veganuary, “New Year, New Me” & self-care after Christmas stress.

You could also use this time to offer discounts on products that promote fitness, health, self-care or veganism. Alternatively, you may want to consider posting tips on social media or writing some relevant blogs.

Offer Free Delivery

According to a study by Invesp, 9 out of 10 consumers find free delivery to be the primary reason to shop online. It may not even be the equivalent of 10% off the order, but for some reason, shoppers love it! Shout about this through your email campaigns, social platforms and website pages.

Offer a Blue Monday Discount

As far as National Days go in January, this may be the most important one. Let your audience know that you are thinking about them on the saddest day of the year, by offering an exclusive 24-hour discount. 

Create FOMO

According to trustpulse, 69% (7 in 10) of millennials experience FOMO. Because of this, many businesses can also effectively use it within their marketing strategies. If you’re running low on a particular product or have a limited-time offer, try using power words like “don’t miss out”, “limited time” and “last chance”.  

Start to Promote Valentine’s Day Gifts

As one gifting holiday ends, another soon begins. For many stores, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to start the year off strong. As this International Day becomes more and more commercialised, people aren’t just gifting flowers and chocolates, but also jewellery, clothing, beauty products and romantic experiences.

With most brands advertising gifts up to four weeks before, this is the perfect time to boost those January sales.

Make a BIG Deal Out of Payday Weekend

Payday is a much-anticipated day during any month, but even more so in January. As a business owner, this is your time to tease online shoppers with an exclusive payday weekend offer. The perfect reward after a long, miserable month! To market your offer, we recommend using catchy phrases such as:

  • “Treat yourself this weekend (we know you deserve it)”
  • “You’ve worked hard this month, why not reward yourself?”
  • “Payday weekend has finally arrived, here’s 20% off your favourite styles”
  • “It’s payday at last! Why not celebrate with 20% off these bestselling products?”

And there you have it! Our top tips for avoiding that unwanted January sales slump!

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