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Using TikTok with Your Shopify Site - Your User Guide

Using TikTok with Your Shopify Site - Your User Guide



TikTok Shopping

Introducing TikTok

Unless you've been living in a cave you'll know that TikTok is the social channel which is making an impact, big time. You've heard of TikTok and know kind of what it's about. The one thing you may not be sure about is, how does TikTok fit in with your ecommerce business and more specifically your Shopify website? We aim to outline what TikTok is, how it works for businesses and exactly how it integrates with Shopify stores. You may be surprised to hear that the whole process is much easier than you thought.

OK, as you're probably aware, Facebook, YouTube and Google have long been fruitful platforms for marketers. However, times are a changin' and with it comes the growing popularity of, TikTok along with other platforms such as Reddit and Quora.

But what exactly is TikTok?

Let's look at things in basic terms. TikTok basically channels short, entertaining videos on the internet which are often shared on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. However it's not just pure entertainment you can expect from the tiktok app, paid ads are more where the magic happens - we'll look at those in more detail a little later on.

TikTok Shopify Integration

If you have or are looking to create a Shopify store there's good news, TikTok has actually become an official Shopify partner. What's more with 800 million users around the globe it's not too difficult to see that TikTok is one of if not the highest trending social network app. So, when it comes to TikTok for business this promising channel is certainly worth a closer look - especially as a marketing addition to your online store. What's more with the TikTok pixel you can keep an eye on that all-important ROI along the way. Seeing how your site and channel are performing is essential after all.

So, how exactly do you activate your 'TikTok for Business' account and once you do, how do you advertise your products? This article aims to give you a step-by-step guide on creating your tiktok channel.

TikTok for Business

Thanks to the launch of the, 'TikTok for Business' tool, you'll enjoy access to tips, notes and links to other social platforms. But that's not all...with valuable data on hand too, you will find market research and analysis is easily accessible also. So, when it comes to getting the best out of your TikTok ads you'll discover a wealth of information at your fingertips. Of course, if you use a creative agency they will also be on hand to help interpret that all-important data.

TikTok Shopify Integration

Shopify & TikTok Partnership - a closer look...

A fruitful relationship between TikTok and Shopify began to build traction in early 2021, especially with the release of TikTok in the Shopify App Store. That's great news for Shopify merchants especially with a TikTok pixel on hand to see how your ads are doing. So, let the TikTok shopping commence.

Activating a TikTok Account

Thankfully activating your TikTok business account is easier than you may think especially with a host of creative tools available such as, templates on producing short tiktok videos and guides on creating tiktok clips. What's more, before you do invest, TikTok often gives credits for you to enjoy try-before-you-buy testing.

Installing TikTok on your Shopify online store

Ok, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the App store where you'll find the TikTok app waiting for you
  • When on the TikTok page click 'add app'
  • Once the installation is complete the TikTok channel will appear on the left side bar of your Shopify admin dashboard - where you'll be able to connect your TikTok For Business account.
  • Log into your account and click, 'connect'. Remember, you can use your own account or change users simply by, 'Switching User'.
  • Once connected your TikTok dashboard will appear - that is where you'll have full control of your account and where you can install your TikTok channel on your online store.
Let's get those TikTok users to your site

Getting your Shopify out there on TikTok

Right, it's time for the fun bit as you start creating TikTok content and begin promoting your business. As you probably know the majority of content consists of short videos featuring effects and music. However what may not know is how the create these but don't worry, there are plenty of tools on the TikTok Business Dashboard.

When visiting your first batch of content visit: then login with your business account.

After that, you can check the Main menu, Assets > Creative and make TikTok videos on this page. Remember to click on the Create button to open the Video maker panel.

There are 3 options to help you create a complete ads video which are as follows:

  • Video Template: which helps you to make a slideshow video for ads. You can create, edit and modify your video based on a user-friendly template.  
  • Smart Video: enables you to upload your product images where it will generate videos along with background music. You'll find lots of special effects and music available. So, rest assured, there's no need to learn new video editing skills and you won't need to spend time finding copyright-free songs.
  • Smart Video Soundtrack: if your video doesn't have a soundtrack don't worry, the TikTok Smart video will find one for you. Simply let the smart technology generate background music for your video. All you have to do is upload your original video and the tool does the rest. It really could'nt be more straightforward.

Creating Your TikTok Ad Campaign

Once your content is ready it's time to set up your campaign.

Here's how:

  • Click onto the Dashboard Page of TikTok Ads Manager, then click 'Create an Ad' - you'll find that in the middle of the page.
  • Move to the next page where you can set up your campaign. Remember to choose your, 'Advertsing Objective' and alter the settings accordingly. You'll see options which include: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. A/B testing is important here.
Test, test & test again...
  • You'll be offered the choice of split testing between the variables of targeting and creative. 'Targeting' allows you to actually target two markets at the same time. You'll also be able to use the same content and landing page. The 'Creative' option enables you to test two ads on the same audience. Remember, split testing is extremely beneficial when optimising your ads.
  • Next on your list is, 'bidding and targeting'. Despite being similar to other ad platforms, TikTok is predominantly a mobile app - so you'll find extra options with your TikTok app. It is also possible to track your ads via the Tiktok pixel - great for monitoring your TikTok users and of course, that all-important ROI.
  • Ok, your ad settings are complete and your ad content is ready, so it's time to push your campaign. Don't have a video prepared? Don't worry, you can create one on this dashboard - handy right!
  • Things to note when creating your video: Only single video ads will actually work on your TikTok ads. You can rendor your video really easily or use a video that you have already created and have in your TikTok ads library. The video content will need to be changed after creating Ads A - just repeat the steps but with different material.

Now you've created your ads when will they go live? Quite simply, as soon as your payment clears in your TikTik business account.

What if your TikTok For Business account is rejected?

Unfortunately a TikTok business account can occasionally be rejected but mistakes are usually easy to put right.

Here are some of the most common mistakes:

  1. Your business website may not be in the right format. It should look like this -
  2. Your website might not clearly promote products, alternatively your landing page might to have valid information.
  3. If your business name and and website/company docs don't match your 'TikTok for Business' account it may not be accepted.
  4. There are some products which are prohibted when shaping TikTok ads, for instance; cigarettes, certain animal-based products and weapons. It's best to check TikTok's Advertising Guidelines to see that your account measures up.

Why choose TikTok Ads Manager?

Focussed Targeting with your TIKTOK CAMPAIGNS

Ads can be precisely targeted according to gender, age, location and interests plus a whole host of other variables; making it easier to focus on your exact audience.

Worldwide Reach

Did you know that tiktok is used in over a whopping 150 countries? That's a pretty impressive TikTok audience wouldn't you say. What's more, as one of the world's most downloaded apps it certainly makes sense to explore TikTok Shopify integration for your online ecommerce store.

Show your creative side

With a selection of ad formats and templates available, plus handy tools on hand to bring your ads to life you'll be editing and producing quality content for your TikTok channel in no time.

Fun Factor

With its playful nature and widespread popularity TikTok's engagement reaches far and wide. Have fun creating must-see TikTok posts

Easy Tracking

As TikTok has partnered with reputable third-party tracking companies you'll get to enjoy bespoke data reports. With an invaluable insight into ad conversions, user in-app actions, impressions and click attributions you'll have a clear view of how your ads and budget is performing.

Starting Your TikTok Shopify Partnership

Not Built Your Shopify Store Yet?

Designing, developing and optimising a Shopify store yourself is doable but without prior experience, tools or time it not always practical. Thankfully that's where DMT can step in - on hand to shape your site and of course then your Shopify TikTok integration too.

TikTok App

From the TikTok app at your audience's fingertips to the ease of TikTok Shopify integration, introducing an extra dimension to your Shopify store couldn't be simpler.

In Conclusion...

With it's raise in familiarity and user-friendliness the TikTok channel app is proving to be a popular choice for Shopify merchants. As we've discussed, creating TikTok business accounts is easy and make your TikTok ads is just as easy too. So, now showcasing your products just got a whole lot easier - good news for you and customers choosing to get their hands on your products via TikTok shopping.

Despite its simplicity, you still may not have the time to manage your TikTok account. Here at DMT we here to help with that - just give us a call on 0800 080 9980 or visit