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What Does the New LinkedIn Premium Company Page Mean for Businesses?

What Does the New LinkedIn Premium Company Page Mean for Businesses?




For many, many years, LinkedIn has stood out as the social platform for the working world; most of the user base spends time on LinkedIn to build business connections, grow their business Pages, and interact with like-minded people.

The platform has been around since 2003, and its Premium subscription offering has been available since 2005, but now, they’ve begun to test a brand-new Premium feature: Premium Company Pages.

In a nutshell, a Premium Company Page subscription aims to help businesses make their Pages stand out and convert more members into clients. A whole heap of new and exclusive features will be made available to Premium Company Page subscribers, to which all admins of a company’s Page will have access.

What Are the New Features?

  • Custom Call-to-Action Button: Utilise custom CTA buttons like “Visit Website” and “Contact Us” to drive prospects to take certain actions. This custom button will appear at the top of your Page, next to all of your Page posts within the LinkedIn feed, and in search results.
  • Who’s Visited My Page: Receive more visibility regarding users who have visited your Page each week. You’ll also be able to view their profile details and invite them to follow your Page. 
  • Custom Testimonials: Earn trust from prospective users and showcase your brand’s credibility by displaying client testimonials on your Page. You’ll be able to add quotes from clients and attach an image or company logo to your Page.
  • AI-Powered Post Writing Assistance: Save time creating your content and optimise it further with AI-powered writing tools, which will give you more time to continue to engage your audience with your posts.
  • Auto-Invite Engaged Members to Follow Your Page: Without a Premium Company Page, users are only allowed to invite “first-degree” connections to follow your Page. The new feature allows you to automatically invite people who have engaged with your content to follow your Page, regardless of their connection to your profile.
  • LinkedIn Premium Logo: A gold “IN” logo will be featured at the top of your Page, indicating your Premium Company Page subscription to help your Page stand out even more.

What Does it Mean for Businesses?

Well, financially, it means that businesses need to pay a starting price point of $99 a month to be able to achieve Premium Company Page status.

This may seem quite expensive, especially for smaller businesses, but for those that can warrant paying $99 a month, it may be a very beneficial investment. The features provided to businesses can help them grow on the platform, which can be especially fruitful considering LinkedIn reported record highs in usage and engagement last year.

With the rise in AI-powered tools offering a whole range of services for businesses and individuals, it’s no wonder why LinkedIn included AI post-writing assistance as one of the subscription’s key features. They, in fact, have begun to incorporate AI more into the platform, so this new feature is just one in the growing list of AI tools on offer.

Plus, away from the Premium Company Page subscription, LinkedIn has been making big moves in a different way.

One particular update they’re testing is a dedicated video feed, similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Short-form videos have consistently proven themselves as the most popular form of content on social media over the last couple of years, and we can be sure LinkedIn won’t want to miss out on the endless possibilities of encouraging video content.

It’s natural for other social media platforms to conform to what’s popular at the time. TikTok has begun testing Notes, its Instagram-like photo-sharing app, and Threads, Meta’s Twitter clone, which was released in July 2023. 

LinkedIn’s new Premium Company Page subscription could bring lots of benefits for companies of all sizes. Sure, smaller businesses may struggle to justify the high monthly cost, but those who can afford the $99 a month may see a large return on their investment.

However, the subscription is only in its testing phase at the moment, so it’s hard to judge the exact benefits it’ll have for businesses. But this is one new feature we’re excited to see develop as time goes on.

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