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Why every brand should be blogging

Why every brand should be blogging




It’s no surprise that everyone is shouting about SEO these days, but so many brands are failing to utilise one of the most essential (and FREE!) methods of defeating that SEO barrier – blogging.

Sure, we can appreciate that not every company has a talented wordsmith in their midst, but blogs don’t have to be penned to perfection. Simplistic and educational can have the very same effect – in fact, Google favours usability.

So, buckle in your keywords and login to that WordPress blog post tab that’s been gathering dust, we’re about to offer a breakdown of blogging benefits that will not only help boost you to that ever-important first page of Google, but will help your company to improve & expand.

Search Engine Optimisation

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll mention it again, SEO can be your best friend… if you do it correctly.

Blogging offers an unrivalled opportunity to inundate your website with keywords and it doesn’t have to cost a penny! Just look at the statistics for a moment – 87% of shoppers begin product searches on digital channels. If you’ve got a wealth of content loaded with keywords associated with your product/service, then you’ve got yet another resource for engaging that consumer and making that sale.



We can’t stress enough just how important customer engagement is for successful branding, and blogging can be an integral part of this process. It offers up an opportunity to add personality to your brand, reaching out to your customers in a more casual, less sales-y way.

Creating a bank of blogs will also be an incredible gift to your social media managers, offering them a new resource to share and communicate with your online audience.

Builds trust

It may seem a little far-fetched in the beginning, but brands who blog are often more trusted by consumers. After all, it shows that they not only care for their product/service, but also have the knowledge and know-how to be creating articles about it.


Needless to say, if you’re going to blog you need to actually know what you’re talking about. The best kind of blogging approach is to answer those FAQs. Not only does it show-off how well you know your audience, but it also directs your customers to site – a win win!

Be a leader

Big or small, utilising blogging can help a brand make a name for itself within its own industry. Take a start-up wedding venue, for example. Set aside some time to write a host of blogs – answering those frequently Googled questions. How do you write a best man’s speech? Answer it. Should I have a winter wedding? Answer it. Where can I find the perfect engagement ring? ANSWER. IT.

Build that clout and you’ll find your competitors looking at you for inspiration instead of the other way around.

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