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Why is an ecommerce website important?

Why is an ecommerce website important?




Online Shopping is on the Up

Whether you prefer the old-fashioned human interaction which visiting a high street store brings or you lean towards the convenience of home shopping, today's consumer culture has mixed the two experiences - providing a hybrid option for all. You may have your thoughts on the way you'd like to shop but ask yourself, which is best for your brand? We aim to look at why having a presence off the high street has become just as important (if arguably more so) than having one on it.

Choosing a Platform for Your Online Store

So, why make a bustling ecommerce website part of your company's thriving online marketplace? Don't get me wrong, there are advantages of having a mere online presence, however in my view why not make the most of all the digital opportunities available? Using all the digital tools available you could have a shiny ecommerce website which puts you well and truly on the online shopping map.

Let's face it, in today's fast-paced world the need for increasing convenience and easy purchasing have paved the way for ecommerce stores and ultimately the potential success of your e commerce website. For many these days , visiting a brick and mortar shop is just too much like hard work - especially when shoppers can find all they need in just a few quick clicks.

Online Business, Online Shoppers

I'm addition to your shoppers' convenience there are many other benefits of having an online store. Committing to an ecommerce website also shows that you're dedicated to providing easy access to your shoppers (both loyal customers and new buyers) as part of a modern online shopping experience, as you openly embrace their modern buying habits. Obviously you're also upping your chance of making sales too, enabling direct access to your goods and services. A confident online business presence along with the support of consistent social media advertising/marketing allows you to form a relationship with shoppers. What's more, you'll also get to identify their shopping trends - generating even more marketing opportunities for your brand.

If you're still unsure as to whether to invest in an ecommerce site, let us show you a handful of the reasons you really should:

1. It's Effortless

Modern shoppers are looking for an easy way to buy and what could take less energy than sitting and scrolling through an online store?

Make your own website work for you...

Quick click purchasing is now the hybrid way to shop and with that comes sales opportunities aplenty for you. Enjoying direct access to the products shoppers need and instant updates on special offers from the comfort of their armchair - what's not to love?

2.Brand Management

From creating an online look and feel for your brand to enjoying a constant and direct digital channel to your customers, your e commerce website gives you control of your empire on a truly global scale.

Attract Worldwide Shoppers

Potential customers from right around the world are just a few clicks away from a purchase or two. Whatever the distance and whichever time zone you're in, your ecommerce website will know no bounds when your online store is open for business...24/7, 365 days a year. Boosting rapid growth is achievable despite distance and time zone restrictions.

3. Retarget, Retarget, Retarget

If your customers don't make a purchase on their first visit to your online store, relax...all is not lost. Retargeting ads are commonly renowned for reeling shoppers back in. By pushing competitive prices and special offers you'll be well on your way to tempting those who have already shown an interest but not purchased. You're merely nudging them in the right direction towards making a a buying decision. So, if they've not taken that remote basket through to the checkout on their first visit chances are you can entice them to reconsider. It is well worth speaking to your web design agency about retargeting ads as part of your overall marketing strategy.

4. It's Personal

Injecting personality into your brand is undoutedly so much easier to do when you decide to sell online. Customised products, promos and recommendations can be slotted seamlessly onto a virtual platform with a few quick clicks.

Quick Click Shopping

This takes much less energy and logistical planning compared to making changes in a physical shop. These personal touches are a rapid way to connect with new shoppers and to acquire loyal customers for your online store.

5.Increase Your Reach

Rest assured, time zones know no bounds when it comes to your ecommerce store. That means your online business doesn't have to be restricted to the constraints of 9 to 5 of a conventional brick and mortar store. Hitting a much larger audience for longer truly does give e commerce websites the competitive edge. So come on, start stretching that reach...

Online v On the High Street


You have a desire to grow your business right? Of course you do and an ecommerce website is the easy way to do it. Start expanding your product range and target audience with your ecommerce site. Just imagine, increasing the amount of lines in stock, adding extra payment options and even choosing when you want to ship with the greatest of ease. Your ecommerce store doesn't involve the expense of moving to a larger premises as you'd have to do with an, 'on-the-high-street' physical shop. Greater marketing opportunities, bigger product ranges, optimised sales and round-the-clock shopping - your ecommerce store is your new shop window in today's digital world.

Expanding your online store

7. Making the Most of Marketing

In addition to providing a sales platform your e commerce website boosts your brand in a variety of other ways too.

Let's start with building and then maintaining your site. The use of SEO when creating your website means that there is more chance your products, services and brand will be seen as your ecommerce website has a better chance of being found by the main search engines. Remember, you can take your online business even higher when you use all the marketing tools available alongside letting your website merely sit there. Don't forget about pay per click advertising, social media marketing and of course email marketing too, all of which combined can boost your online store's performance. As your site ranks more highly the more chance more potential shoppers will have of seeing it. We all know what that means - more sales!

Tapping into Seasonal Events & Dates

8. Seasonal Sales

It goes without saying that your ecommerce website can serve you well during seasonal times such as Christmas and on yearly events like Valentine's Day. Remember though, there are also sale dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to place firmly in your marketing diary too. These are the times that your e commerce website can really fly. Did you know that sales can actually increase by around 20% on Black Friday? Pretty impressive right?

Growing Your Online Business

9.Cutting Costs

With a laptop and an internet connection you're own your way to launching and managing your online store. Yes, there is the initial website design and ongoing marketing but compared to paying for, cashiers, a receptionist, salesmen, security guards, building rental, rates and insurance, your ecommerce website could actually save you a pretty penny.

Online Business vs Bricks & Mortar Store

10.Higher Sales Conversion Rate

Are you aware that actually waiting for a physical shop to open can deter shoppers from making a purchase? The beauty of an online store means that instant and often impulse buys are much more likely to happen.

So, in conclusion...

Times are a changin' in online business and if a brand is to succeed it simply must keep up or be left behind with the retail dinosaurs. Hybrid customer shopping habits mean that convenience and accessibility are key. So, changes in shopping trends have shifted massively but that doesn't mean to say adapting to those changes should cause you a massive headache. E commerce websites are now leading the way. With the right advice and help you can create an e commerce website and ultimately a digital presence which will get your products/services seen by the right people at the right time. Done correctly your online store can either act as the main show or work perfectly alongside your conventional high street outlet.

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