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Why you should hire a marketing agency over an in-house team

Why you should hire a marketing agency over an in-house team




It’s inevitable that at some point every business will sit down and think: do we outsource our social media to a marketing agency or keep it in-house? We’ve decided to break it down for you because getting that formidable marketing team should be on the top of any company’s to-do list.

As we all know, social media marketing has become one of the most powerful and ever-growing advertising platforms. It’s not simple – and any modern brand knows that utilising this form of marketing is crucial for a company to succeed. But is it best to outsource or keep things in-house? Let’s take a look.


It will come as no surprise that hiring an in-house marketing team can get pretty costly. You’ll need writers, designers, paid social experts, PPC experts – the list goes on! With an agency, you get a ready-made team at a fraction of the cost. Sure, a marketing agency at the forefront of their game will look expensive on paper, but you’ll be saving money in the long run; with an established team of experts ready to push your brand forward.

Unrivalled teamwork

Agencies rely heavily on teamwork, spending years gathering like-minded people who are experts in their respective fields. They will have spent an ungodly amount of time together, completing project after project, perfecting the way they work as a unit. As cheesy as it may sound, a premier agency should be like a mismatched family, relying and leaning on each other to deliver an unbeatable service each and every time.

Tim Sharp, Head of Design at Digital Media Team

A marketing agency offers experience

With a ready-made marketing agency, you don’t only put your money into a team, you pay for their experience as well. Most marketing agencies won’t hire without an appropriate amount of experience in the field, creating a group of people with years and years of collective knowledge between them. Touching back upon the cost-efficiency point as well, hiring weathered professionals in-house can turn into a very pricey venture.


With an in-house team, there’s only one way to increase your marketing efforts: hire more staff. With an agency, there’s no such problem. They’ll already have a large selection of staff on-hand, ready to step up your marketing efforts at a moment’s notice. Any great agency will always be looking forward, planning and strategising from that first initial meeting to grow and evolve your advertising campaigns.

Lauren Kelly, PPC Manager at Digital Media Team


Let’s be honest, which in-house marketer these days has enough time to keep up-to-date with all the latest marketing trends? This ever-changing, fast-moving industry is constantly evolving, bringing new ways to target & convert on a consistent basis. Agencies take their education extremely seriously, with a larger workforce offering the employees a chance to research and learn, keeping them on the very top of their game. What’s more, if your agency is a Facebook Marketing Partner, they will have access to exclusive training and insights from Facebook themselves – giving you the benefits of these features too – smart.

Aimee Corten, Head of Content at Digital Media Team

In conclusion

If you think about this logically, there’s only one major reason why a brand chooses an in-house team: they become ambassadors for your brand, learning it inside out. However, a well-established agency will do that as well. They won’t see it as outsourcing, but as an extension to your own in-house team.

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.”

Peter Drucker – Management consultant, educator, and author

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