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Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Boxing Day Sales

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Boxing Day Sales




It hasn’t been too long since the busyness of Black Friday, and plenty of brands are already thinking towards the next sales period. Boxing Day sales aren’t something you should neglect, as it’s a great way of offloading loads of leftover stock from the last few months before January the 1st.

A few years ago, plenty of people flocked to their nearest clothing and electronic stores on Boxing Day morning to get their fill of discounted products, but with the gradual and consistent development of the online shopping world, some shops are now keeping their doors shut on Boxing Day to give their employees a well-deserved festive rest.

Still, neglecting the Boxing Day sales is a definite no-go whether you manage an online shop or run a physical store. Keep reading and check out why you should be making the most of this sales period.

Get Rid of Old or Soon-To-Be Irrelevant Stock

As we mentioned above, the period between Christmas and the New Year is a great chance for you to get rid of any products you won’t have much use for going into the New Year.

People may not need the products you’re selling in the next few months, but they probably will do at some point. Whatever it is you’re trying to offload, from Christmas jumpers to tree ornaments, there’s bound to be someone looking for a bargain.

Doing this will ensure a fresh start when you open your stores up in the New Year and focus purely on your brand-new stock. 

A Great Way to Gain New Customers

Businesses are always looking to gain brand-new customers, so giving prospective shoppers a discount is a great incentive to welcome them into your brand. 

Absolutely no one will say no to a deal, so offering a percentage discount for people who sign up for your newsletter benefits both consumers and businesses. The shopper will receive money off their next purchase, and the business will gain key information about the consumer, which can be added to an ever-growing and useful database. It’s a win-win!

That being said, most shoppers are fresh from the Black Friday and Cyber Week sales periods, so you need to make sure you appeal to them in the best way possible. Refresh any existing ad copy and creative to appeal to people in a New Years/Christmassy way, and set up retargeting campaigns to hit the people who have expressed interest in your products.

If you run a clothing business, this could be the best time to advertise your products as “a much-needed New Year’s Eve outfit”. Plenty of people will be last-minute shopping for their New Year’s Eve events, so incentivise them to choose you by offering discounts and more. 

People Want To Treat Themselves

The Christmas period is about shopping for others, so put a spin on it for Boxing Day by encouraging people to treat & shop for themselves.  

We’ve all heard the phrase, “New Year, New Me”, and there are a lot more people than you think who religiously embody this message into January and throughout the month. It doesn’t matter what products you stock; anything can be marketed as a much-needed, brand-new addition to people’s lives. 

For example, tell customers they can train to become the next star baker with a new hand whisk, encourage prospective athletes to practice for that next marathon with some updated gym gear, or influence the next Monet or Picasso and highlight how your easel and paint set is exactly what they need.

Plus, there are bound to be a few people on Christmas Day who are a little disappointed with the gifts they’ve been given. Here’s your chance to appeal to them and give them a second chance to receive the present they truly wanted. 

Make Use of Gift Cards

Now, this is more of a pre-Christmas marketing strategy, but offering gift cards to consumers is a great way to increase sales for the post-Christmas period.

Most of us have been given a Waterstones or Amazon gift card from Auntie Sheila (honestly, we all have one), and there’s no point in letting it burn a hole in your pocket. 

If you’re already promoting monetary discounts from Boxing Day and beyond, shoppers who have a gift card will feel like they’re saving even more money and may be likely to purchase additional products from you if they don’t have to spend much or any of their own money.

So, there you have it! Our top tips on why you shouldn’t neglect Boxing Day sales. Whatever avenue you decide to go down with marketing strategy in the New Year, we’re here to help and provide you with expert knowledge and experience. Get in touch if you want to learn more.