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Why Your Trustpilot Reviews Are Important, and How to Get Them on Your Site

Why Your Trustpilot Reviews Are Important, and How to Get Them on Your Site


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Most people have heard of Trustpilot. As a consumer, it might even be your first or second port of call when deciding whether to put your trust in a previously unknown company and place your first order.

However, as a business owner, you may be unaware of the impact Trustpilot reviews have on your brand, its image, and its overall success.

Creating lasting relationships with both new and returning customers is the key to long-term success in e-commerce. How can Trustpilot help with that?

Why Is Trustpilot Important?

Whether or not your business has taken the plunge into review marketing, if you’re anything like the 92% of people who rely on reviews to make purchases, you’ve probably noticed that online reviews have popped up in just about every industry. -Trustpilot

In a digital world filled with seemingly endless options, what will be the deciding factor that pushes a potential consumer to purchase from your brand, rather than another brand offering a similar product and/or service?

Social Proof

Nowadays, customers are more knowledgeable than ever when shopping online. The wealth of social media sites means that your brand could be being discussed publicly anywhere, at any time, for better or worse.

As a result, scepticism about brands is on the rise, with 54% of consumers stating that they feel little trust towards brands.

This is where the ‘safety in numbers’ effect, or social proof, comes into play for online businesses. Essentially, this consists of proof that other people have chosen to favour a certain brand. The effect is a reinforcement of the legitimacy of buying, by making it feel like a shared decision.

If a new customer has access to social proof, such as that generated by Trustpilot reviews, it quickly builds their confidence towards your company.

And the best part is, your review score doesn’t even have to be 100% perfect. As long as you take the time to publicly respond to negative reviews and resolve any issues the reviewer may have, you boost the perceived legitimacy and trustworthiness of your brand.

Symbiotic Benefits

Trustpilot reviews create a win-win situation for consumers and businesses. While businesses benefit from the effects of social proof on their reputation, customers gain knowledge and feel secure in their purchasing decisions.

Plus, the dialogue opened up by reviews allows your business direct, free access to the concerns that are the highest priority for your consumers. This knowledge allows for efforts towards improvement to be focussed on priority areas. Customers are therefore more likely to return for purchase after purchase even if their first experience with the business wasn’t perfect.

The effectiveness of reviews isn’t limited either. You can never have too many Trustpilot reviews. Over time, as you improve some areas of your business’s product and service, other areas of concern may arise. There’s always room for improvement.

Growing Your Bottom Line

Online reviews don’t just persuade new customers to purchase, they boost conversions throughout the entire purchasing journey.

Users are barraged with advertising content every time they go online. As a result, most people shop around, interacting with your brand and others multiple times before making a decision. The same old advertising claims just aren’t going to cut it. Making your efforts stand out from the crowd is essential.

Remarketing is key. Your brand’s Trustpilot rating could be the single piece of info that pushes a consumer from considering your brand to deciding that it stands above the rest.

Making your Trustpilot reviews and score public on your website and other forums is the perfect way to cut through the clutter of advertising that consumers are exposed to, making their decision feel clear-cut.

Impactful, Organic Marketing

Once you have reviews banked, they provide essential and compelling content to boost the performance of your marketing material.

Reviews and testimonials can really help to optimise your ad copy’s impact on the consumer.

User-generated content can take centre stage in digital marketing, as it creates fresh, relevant copy that feels authentic and personable because of its organic origins. While you could be spending precious time and resources creating 10 sets of new ad content from scratch each week, your presence on well-known third-party review sites like Trustpilot could be passively gaining you 10 reviews per week. This cuts down the hard work, providing you with quality and convincing marketing material.

“Sharing what your customers are saying on site is a scalable way to keep your online presence fresh without draining your internal resources. - Trustpilot

Reviews can also help you to optimise your ads for Google. By analysing the language your customers are already using to talk about your product/service, you can identify the keywords essential for capturing a warmer audience through what they’re searching for.

Show Them Off!

And finally, the best way to make use of those excellent Trustpilot reviews? Don’t be modest. Plaster them all over your site! We recommend using the Trustpilot Support page as a quick guide.
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