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X Unveils New Subscription Plans

X Unveils New Subscription Plans




The next instalment in the “What can Elon Musk do to our beloved Twitter platform” saga is here.

At the end of October 2023, two new subscription tiers were introduced to the platform. We had already been treated to “Twitter Blue” (which later became X Premium) in November 2022, but Musk certainly wasn’t stopping there.

The two new tiers that have been added are Basic and Premium+

“But what do they mean, and what benefits do they provide?” we hear you ask. Well…

Basic is, well, clues in the name, the most basic subscription tier you can pay for on the platform. It costs $3.60 per month and allows users to:

  • Edit posts
  • Post longer text and videos
  • Undo posts
  • Download videos
  • Bookmark folders
  • Hide their likes and subscriptions 
  • Benefit from a “small reply boost”

However, users on the Basic subscription won’t receive the highly-coveted blue checkmark. Shame.

Users on the original Premium subscription will benefit from all of the above, plus:

  • Seeing half the number of ads they’d usually see on the platform
  • A larger reply boost
  • Access to the Creator Hub, where they can get paid to post, benefit from creator subscriptions, view analytics, and utilise X Pro & Media Studio
  • The blue checkmark
  • The ability to hide their checkmark and customise the app icon

Users on the brand-new Premium+ subscription will benefit from all the above, plus:

  • No ads in the For You or Following pages
  • The largest reply boost
  • Access to the full suite of creator tools

With the varying levels of benefits also come varying prices. Basic will cost $3.60 a month, Premium $9.60, and Premium+ a whopping $19.20. 

It has been reported for months (well, ever since Musk took over the platform) that revenue has been on a downward spiral. 

The introduction of two brand-new subscription tiers will give even more opportunities for growth, but if you’re honestly paying nearly $20 a month to use a social media platform, you need to have a long, hard look in the mirror.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the new subscription plans or wary of them? Let us know via our social accounts (oh, and make sure you follow us, too).