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Put your products front and centre of the world’s largest marketplace with Amazon Marketing from DMT. While Google is home to browsers and researchers, Amazon attracts buyers.

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Digital Media Team have years of experience as an agency serving eCommerce titans such as The Couture Club, Eatlean, Rebellious Fashion and Boot Buddy. We’re well-versed in helping sellers sell more, driving ROAS and revenue and growing brand awareness. By adding Amazon Marketing into our service offerings, we can help boost your eCommerce presence.

What is Amazon Marketing?

Amazon product page traffic is so valuable that a good conversion rate on an Amazon product page is widely considered as 15%, which is around 3-5x the average of other eCommerce sites. Jeff Bezos’ monster is only growing – it’s time for your brand to take advantage.

What Are the Benefits to My Business?

We’ve worked hard to find out what makes buyers tick. We’ll help you to build solid customer relationships, drive conversions and elevate your brand’s presence on Amazon. If you’re an eCommerce brand, having an agency on board to craft your Amazon marketing strategy could be an invaluable resource.

Is Amazon Marketing for me?

If you want to make the most of Amazon but you don’t know how, we can help. We’ll use our expertise to get your product noticed, running ad campaigns that generate clicks, grow brand awareness and help maximise performance on this all-important channel. You’ll be top of the search results in no time.

Amazon Marketing Features

Amazon advertising offers some incredible features for eCommerce retailers. Here’s some more info.

World’s Largest Retailer

In May 2019, Amazon took over Walmart as the biggest retailer on the planet. This platform’s waiting for your products – it’s time to get involved.

High-Intent Traffic

There’s no denying it, Amazon is for buyers. Capitalise on this high-intent traffic with a solid strategy and watch the sales roll in.

Sponsored Brands

Skyrocket brand awareness by placing your logo and a customised headline in ads that appear in search results.

Ad Campaigns

From bid strategies to optimisation, we’ll help you get the most out of your advertising budget, putting your brand top of the relevant search results.


We take a holistic approach to amazon, implementing an all-encompassing strategy that will get you noticed on the Amazon marketplace.


We’re obsessed with data. We’ll work tirelessly to find what works, using data to constantly optimise and tweak our campaigns for maximum results.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

We need you to be set up on Prime in order for us to run our service. If this is the case, great! We’ll kick things off with an initial exploration call where we find out more about your brand, your product, your experience with Amazon and your goals going forward. We’ll put together a proposal and if you like what you see, we’ll get things rolling.

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