The best Google Chrome extension tools to boost your social

Managing multiple social media accounts is no easy feat and, as a social media manager, I have my own favourite set of tools to make my job a little easier. Many of us know that Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers out there, and is definitely superior to the likes of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (okay so we’re a little biased), partly due to a number of factors like their Chrome Store extension tools.

These extension tools add an additional time-saving element that we all need when managing our social profiles. I’ve decided to put together a handy list of the best tools available for all you social media managers out there. Whether you’re looking to improve your company’s online content or ensure your Instagram gains more followers, then this blog is for you.

1. Downloader for Instagram™

We’ll start off with one of the most important tools for any brand on Instagram, especially when it comes to user-generated content (UGC). Downloader for Instagram™ does exactly what it says on the tin – it downloads any images or videos from Instagram and saves them to your computer in the correct dimensions and quality needed for you to be able to reshare. For any brand, UGC is essential in creating organic engagement and there’s nothing worse than struggling to work a reshare app or screenshot an image only for it to be reposted in terrible quality. Downloader for Instagram™ is a quick and easy solution to this problem and a must have for any social media manager. The tool has recently upped their game even further by adding a downloadable Instagram Story feature too!

2. Grammarly

Social media is ruthless if you make a mistake. Especially if it’s a grammar mistake. If Donald Trump had Grammarly installed on his browser, Twitter would never have seen the ‘Covfefe’ incident. Or any of the following unforgivable tweets:

Spelling mistakes and bad grammar can make you look uneducated and reduces your credibility – and when posting on behalf of a brand, any tiny mistake could change how people think about that brand. You can rest easy with Grammarly that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are perfect. It is such a useful and important tool for social media managers, especially considering we’re always at risk of making small errors.

3. Ritetag

Yet another must-have for any social media manager who oversees an Instagram or Twitter account. Hashtags are everywhere these days and when used correctly can help boost your content, but choosing the correct hashtag is equally as important. And when it comes to creating your own hashtag, this can have disastrous results –  does anyone remember this epic fail?

If only Susan Boyle had RiteTag. This tool gives you hashtag suggestions across the major social platforms, by right-clicking on an image or body of text. They even have a color system in place to indicate the strength of a hashtag. For example, using a red hashtag puts your posts at risk of blending into the crowd, while green gives you better chances of it getting seen immediately.

4. Everliker | Social Assistant 

Usually, I’m not one for using bots to grow a following (see this article), but for Everliker, I’ll make an exception. The tool is free, unlike other paid bots and like schemes you might find on the Internet, and it actually gets you real Instagram likes and followers that are genuinely in love with your profile. Everliker is essentially an auto-liker that will like these photos according to your chosen hashtags. It will also only do this for a certain amount of hours before it goes into ‘sleep mood’ for the night.

Running this on Instagram can have brilliant results. For example, last week we set up an Instagram page for our new client who already had a large following on Facebook. We ran Everliker in the background and at the same time we regularly put out quality content on their page. The result? We have some absolutely ridiculous stats – have you ever seen growth like this?!

Of course, Everliker can’t take all the credit, but it did contribute plenty to getting such tremendous page views and likes!

5. Facebook Pixel Helper

Lastly, but certainly not least, is this godsend for any e-commerce brands. If you’re not familiar with pixel tracking, it’s a piece of code placed on the back end of your website to accurately track users and results. If you’re advertising on Facebook, but not using their pixel, you’re missing a lot of opportunities.

Due to this tiny piece of code having a massive impact on your ability to track and optimize Facebook campaigns, it would make sense that you’d want a tool or aid to ensure it’s set up and working properly on your website. Introducing the Facebook Pixel Helper! It’s important because it helps troubleshoot any possible errors with your website’s pixel. These messages from the tool provide a starting point to resolve any issue that might have occurred when installing the code or over time as changes are made to the website.

It’s an easy tool to install and is fairly simple to use. It gives you the answers you need while saving you time and money, but the most important thing is that it helps you optimize significantly to improve your campaign results!

If the concept of a Facebook Pixel is still utterly baffling to you, why not let us help? Call 0161 393 2123, email or drop us a line on social.