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5 Top Benefits of a Website Audit

5 Top Benefits of a Website Audit




Advantages of performing a website audits

Carrying out a website audit regularly is essential to making sure that your website's performance is up to scratch, learn why with our 'top 5' benefits.

So, what is a website audit? Quite simply it's a detailed study of your website which is designed to identify possible bugs (and fixes), plus any weak points in your site. It is advisable to appoint an SEO expert, (professionals in the SEO industry), to carry out a productive website audit. A website audit, will give you a better understanding into the performance of your website, and ultimately can improve your future marketing possibilities. 

Website owners, those with online businesses, or people who rely on the internet to promote their brand/business; performing a website audit is pivotal - providing a deeper insight into whether your marketing is working effectively. Still not convinced website audits are beneficial? Here are 5 important benefits of carrying out your website audit and what you can expect.

Number 1: Identify any potential errors in your website & improving onsite traffic...

Technical website audit checks will identify broken backlinks, spam and problems such as broken videos and images that aren’t loading or taking too long to load. In fact, it will highlight under-performing SEO features which may actually be harming your website’s search engine performance. Despite being necessary, the process of discovering these harmful issues is certainly not easy. Yes, your users can report them to you directly, but if they don't it can be pretty tricky to find them on your own. A thorough website audit is the best way to find such technical website issues and most importantly to repair them before they cause too much damage to your site.

So, if you’re wondering why your website may not have been performing effectively, technical problems may be the reason why. Repairing technical issues such as broken backlinks will go a long way to keeping your website traffic flowing smoothly.

Creating your on page seo plan is essential

Number 2: Seo audit - boosting better search engine indexing (search engine optimization)

Google is the number one of all search engines however it continually changes its algorithms and criteria. Why does Google do that? Quite simply Google consistently alters its metrics to keep up with the ever-changing user experience. Keeping users happy is a priority for Google. For you, the website owner, these changes do have an impact on your website and its performance, and ultimately search engine rankings. So, if you don’t keep up to date with Google’s changing algorithms, you may lose your website's progress up the search engine rankings.

Running an seo audit as an integral part of your website audit. It's also the best way to get an inside look on how your website is performing, especially in accordance with the latest SEO standards. SEO audits will typically look at elements like bounce rate, core web vitals, on-page SEO and other Google essentials, and it will identify how your website is performing in those categories. Depending on your findings, you will get a true picture of which areas need improvement and which areas are working well. Both elements can ultimately improve your search engine optimization and will therefore lead to better seo. Improved organic search visibility can be within reach.

Now your content is really talking...

Number 3: Getting your content working for you

Website audits are the window into your website and its content. It is crucial to review content for quality and its relevancy. There are various types of website audits. A content audit is just one type and it's an important one as it will help you see the gaps in your content. In other words, which content your users find interesting, but may be missing from your website. Yes, identifying gaps in your content isn’t just restricted to what is missing and what the users want. Identifying content gaps can also help you see how to structure content in a better way. Aspects such as whether or not your content is clear enough and if it conveys what the website is about can obviously lead to stronger communication and better results.

Website content audits will tell you if your content is of high or low quality. They will also tell you if your website has enough or indeed too much content, containing too many or indeed not enough keywords. Did you know that Google’s web crawlers detect all of these aspects and if you are not ticking the right boxes, then you could be actually be penalised and even de-ranked.

Number 4: Achieve higher Google rankings

The most important benefit of a website audit is ultimately to rank highly on Google - by identify performing and likewise under-performing SEO features and aspects. What do we mean by that? Well, for instance your audit will examine your keyword performance. You'll gain an insight into if you're using your keywords properly. It will address questions such as, are you using them too often, or just enough? Keyword saturation is a dangerous thing! Such aspects will prompt questions like, 'can you enhance your keyword strategy?' A website audit will suggest potential keywords, which you could be integrated into your on-page SEO and also used for off-page marketing too. But identifying on-and-off-page SEO issues is not all website audits do. A thorough audit will also highlight errors in your Meta Data, which will actually help match you to ranking better for search results.

Better visibility for your site...

Number 5: Improve your sales & business performance

Conversion rates (aka 'sales) is what we all strive for; of course it is. This is commonly the most popular reason for carrying out a website audit. After all it will identify which parts of your website are bringing in the most money. Ultimately a website audit will actually help you improve your sales and business performance; illustrating which parts of your website are generating the most click conversion.

An auditor who really knows what they are doing will explore your landing pages, menus, call to action and all other marketing pages for your website. These deep insights and analysis, will definitely help with shaping a precise strategy on boosting your conversions and getting a higher click conversion. It is important to remember that your audit will uncover sensitive and complex information. Understandably it will take a lot of time to generate and compile such information. But stick with it! The hard work is well worth it. Remember, your audit will give a snapshot of your customers' behaviour, what they like and what they don't.

5 important benefits of carrying out a website audit concluded

Enhanced Usability & Search Engine Visibility

From identifying critical performance issues to improving your website design your website audit is beneficial on so many levels. The benefits of a website audit can become clear as you spring clean your site - keeping it fresh and performing well. As you can imagine, audits (when done properly) take time and unless you know what you're looking for aren't easy to do. Thankfully there are agencies on hand who have made it their business to conduct your audit, leaving you to focus on your daily business. Rectifying weaknesses uncovered by your audit can not only lead to enhanced usability but improved search engine visibility too - and that's got to be good new right!

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