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 8 Uplifting Instagram Accounts to Follow this Wellbeing Week

8 Uplifting Instagram Accounts to Follow this Wellbeing Week




Social media can be all-consuming at times, especially when you live and breathe it (we should know!). Going down the doom-scrolling rabbit hole every now and then can feel unavoidable. 

As a result of the overwhelming content and the not-so-happy news we can be hit with from time to time, sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate what we’re consuming on a daily basis. 

To celebrate World Wellbeing Week, we’re bringing you on our journey to the brighter side of social media and injecting some much-needed positivity straight to your feed. Happy news? Meditation tips? Creative inspiration? Or maybe just a heartwarming Reel or two? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve thought ahead so you don’t have to. 

Keep scrolling, and you might just find yourself a new favourite account.

The Happy Broadcast 

The Happy Broadcast aims to inspire positive change in people's mental health and general well-being. Sharing everything from nuggets of good news to tips and resources for coping with stress and anxiety, their grid of happy news is made up of aesthetically-pleasing images designed by artist Mauro Gatti.

Their Instagram account alone has managed to attract over 694k followers (and counting), and they’ve gone on to expand even further. With an app, online store, podcast and even a book, you’ll never be short of some wholesome news and updates.


Headspace is a renowned app that is centred around being kind to your mind. Promoting mindfulness and meditation, Headspace’s Instagram is filled with sleep and stress techniques and daily tips on how to easily incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your schedule. 

With the aim of improving the world’s health and happiness, Headspace is proven to reduce stress by 14% in just 10 days and is currently used in 190 countries around the world!  

Between Two Books

Reading, as we all know, can be a great way to unplug. If you’re ever struggling to choose your next read, Between Two Books is an online monthly book club with over 141k Instagram followers founded by Florence Welch. 

Whether you’re just looking for some reading inspiration or want to join in with their current monthly read, it’s a great online community to bond with other book lovers! 

The club features guest recommendations from artists, writers, musicians and directors such as Greta Gerwig, Adwoa Aboah, Fiona Apple and more. Want to be a member? All you need to do is just pick up a book and join in.

Take a look at their previous and current reads on their website:

It’s Nice That

Here’s one for the creatives or just anyone who wants to discover new artists and concepts! It’s Nice That was originally founded as a community in 2007 and has since become a global platform for artists from all walks of life. 

Boasting over 900k followers, their Instagram is an inspiring page made by creatives for creatives and offers insights into the industry. With an award-winning website, regular events across the world and a top-ranking podcast, they’re a source of inspiration for millions and a great place to network.

If you’re wanting to brighten up your feed, they’re definitely one to follow.

Feel Good Club 

Manchester-based Feel Good Club is a cafe, bar and overall wellness space based in dmt’s old stomping ground, the vibrant Northern Quarter. 

Their Instagram page is filled with wholesome events to attend, positive affirmations and friendly reminders; it’s definitely an account to be following whether you’re a Mancunian or not!

Recess Therapy

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the ‘I love corn’ kid appearing here, there and everywhere across the internet. If you know of ‘corn kid’, you might be familiar with Recess Therapy, the web series that’s slowly but surely taking Instagram by storm. 

Hosted by Julian Shapiro-Barnum, it revolves around interviewing kids between the ages of 2 and 9 in New York. During Covid times, everyone undoubtedly felt a bit down in the dumps, but Shapiro-Barnum wanted to focus on the blind optimism of children and enlighten the internet with their thoughts on current topical issues. 

The focus of the interviews can range from their ever-so-hard-hitting thoughts on the economy and climate change (their solution was two birds, one stone. Plant more trees and print more money) or discuss other important issues like how many naps is too many naps and what their favourite snacks are. With a staggering 2.8 million followers, the content is 50/50 heartwarming and funny. 

So, if you’re looking for some lighthearted video content for your feed and a good laugh, this account is for you! 

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Online magazine, Reasons To Be Cheerful, is an online editorial project that provides community-driven stories with the aim of enlightening the internet.

With 45.5k followers, they’re on a mission to bring solutions to the world’s tried and tested problems. If you’re looking to learn some interesting new facts, it’s worth giving them a follow! 

Meet Cute NYC

Finally, an uplifting account to be following is Meet Cute NYC. The viral series across both Instagram and TikTok has gathered the attention of over 600k followers. The focus of the series revolves around couples in NYC being interviewed about how they met. 

If you need a little pick-me-up, it’s a good page to follow! With heartwarming stories, it offers a sweet insight into regular people’s lives.

There we have it, some much-needed positivity for your Instagram feed this World Wellbeing Week! 

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