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Five Eggcellent Easter Marketing Ideas

Five Eggcellent Easter Marketing Ideas




There’s no denying that Easter has become one of the most commercialised holidays of the year. What was once a long weekend with a few chocolate eggs has now become a mini Christmas Day. 

We’re talking big family feasts, gifts from a mythical overnight visitor, family activities and even Easter egg trees.

Don’t believe us? Well, a study by Statistica showed that only 25% of Brits plan on attending church at Easter, while 43% are set to have egg hunts. Even more, 52% of those celebrating plan to spend more than £15 on Easter gifts.

And no, those are not limited to chocolate eggs! According to Small Business Trends, here are some of the top products that shoppers are adding to their Easter gift list:

  • Nearly all consumers plan to purchase confectionery (88.7%). 
  • Around 40% of consumers buy flowers. 
  • Just under 50% purchase new clothing and greeting cards.

So, as you can see, it’s clear that brands outside of the chocolate industry can also benefit from this holiday. Keep reading as we reveal five eggcellent Easter marketing ideas…

Online Easter Egg Hunt

Traditionally, an Easter egg hunt is a fun activity which requires children to find hidden chocolate eggs. As we move into the digital world, adults can now enjoy the same thrill of hunting for “eggs” online. 

There are a number of ways to do this, but the following method is quick, easy and not confusing for users…

  • Choose some low-cost products to give away for free. Perhaps samples, items that have been on sale, or little treats from a confectionery brand.   
  • When certain products are added to a basket (and eventually purchased), customers will automatically receive the free gift(s).
  • For example, when a certain jacket is purchased, the customer will receive a free pair of socks. 

How to Advertise Your Online Egg Hunt:

  • Promote your egg hunt on social media, marketing emails and on a website banner. 
  • We also recommend adding some text into your product descriptions. This means that when a visitor clicks on an item, they will be aware of the freebie that is coming their way. 
  • Take a look at how Espa uses this method to persuade their audience…

“Crack the Egg” Marketing Email

Want a quick way to increase website visitors and boost online sales? Take a look at this cracking Easter email idea… 

Step 1:

Create a design featuring an Easter egg image and some text such as “crack to win” or “crack the egg to reveal what’s inside.”

Step 2:

When a receiver clicks the image, it will send them to a landing page filled with Easter surprises, AKA, discounted items.

This is a great way to boost your click rates and get shoppers on-site, without the standard “sale” messaging.

Free Chocolate Gift 

Show a little appreciation to your customers by giving them a free Easter treat. Not only will this add a nice touch to their order, but it is also a great way to build good relationships with your audience. Whether it's a small chocolate egg or a packet of buttons, consumers love to get something for nothing. 

Create a Limited-Edition Easter Basket

An exclusive bundle is one of the best ways to make a holiday promo sound more exciting. Simply gather a few suitable products and discount the basket by 10-20%. This won’t just make Easter shopping easier, but it’ll also be more affordable for your customers. 

Create an Easter-Themed Website Pop-up

Easter pop-ups are a great way to showcase your easter promotions or any products that might sell well during this holiday. These work by interrupting a user’s experience, prompting them to interact with a particular question or CTA. 

We recommend using pastel hues and Easter imagery to make it appear that little bit more egg-citing!

Now that you have all the ideas in the basket, it’s time to start planning your strategy! Feel free to contact us if you need any extra help with digital marketing.