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The Best Easter Marketing Campaigns of All Time

The Best Easter Marketing Campaigns of All Time




Easter may be a time for eating your bodyweight in chocolate, spending time with family and going up a waist size (or three). But, it’s also a prime holiday to take advantage of on your marketing calendar.

From fashion to food brands, it’s a key time to target your audience with seasonal campaigns that’ll increase your brand presence and revenue. We’ve picked out a few of the best Easter marketing campaigns to help give you some inspiration!

Cadbury’s - How Do You Not Eat Yours (2022) 

The Cadbury Creme Egg is a cult classic. Every year around Easter, the demand for their Creme Egg increases like clockwork. This year, the famous chocolatiers have released a campaign made up of two short videos with a twist.

Instead of encouraging their customers to eat their chocolate, they’re changing the dynamics and challenging their customers to not eat the Creme Eggs. Cadbury’s have produced only 146 limited edition half-white, half-milk chocolate eggs, which could win you up to £10k if you’re one of the lucky few to find one. However, only if you can resist the temptation to eat it!

The campaign is a take on their previous iconic campaign, ‘How do you eat yours’, which was first launched in the 1980s. Overall, it’s a great Easter campaign idea.

IKEA - Flatpack Easter Bunny (2019)


Up next, we’ve got Swedish retailer IKEA - known first and foremost for its dedication to flatpack. Love it or hate it, flatpack can be fraught with squabbles, meltdowns and even tears. However, their Easter campaign in 2019 reimagined their reputation of flatpack by introducing  VÅRKÄNSLA, the three-piece milk chocolate bunny.  

Designed to be built, eaten and definitely not cried over, the chocolate rabbit was an innovative way of combining the DIY nature of IKEA with a national holiday. Not surprisingly, this campaign gained huge traction on social media whilst also driving customers to stores to pick up their very own! The only arguments to be found here are who gets to eat it first.

Walker’s - Savoury Easter Egg (2020)

Easter isn’t always ideal for those with a savoury tooth. Connoisseurs of crisps, Walker’s, created the perfect solution so that savoury fans can still join in with Easter festivities.

The launch of the Sensations Easter ‘Egg’ Gift Box - which included Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, a bottle of wine, wine glasses, a sharing bowl and an Amazon Prime Video voucher, was the perfect go-to for a night in - something we had a lot of back in 2020!

Carlsberg - If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars (2016)

A bar made of chocolate? Yes, you read that right.

Even though the concept seems logistically problematic in more ways than one, Carlsberg has secured a place on our list with their 2016 campaign, If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars. 

Ahead of Easter weekend, the Danish brand unveiled a  fully-functioning, fully-edible, three-metre-deep pop-up bar in Shoreditch, London. It was a prime example of how to be experimental with your branding and think outside the box.

You could say they certainly raised the bar with this campaign. 

Deliveroo - Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs (2019)

Even though we’d all probably like to forget the Game of Thrones finale entirely, Deliveroo tapped into the popularity of the series with their 2019 Easter egg campaign. As the prominent final series fell amidst Easter, Deliveroo jumped onto the bandwagon by selling their limited edition GOT dragon chocolate eggs.

Hand-painted in green, red and purple, the edible milk-chocolate eggs were purchasable through their online app in a select number of UK cities for as little as 80p! The campaign resulted in a dramatic increase in app sign-ups and brand visibility. Creating a limited edition seasonal product for your brand is definitely a way to grab your customer's attention!

Marmite - Yeaster Egg (

Marmite - Yeaster Egg (2019)

Marmite has been dividing the nation for decades due to its carefully curated, ongoing marketing campaign.

In 2019, Marmite stole the show, yet again, with the release of the limited edition and ever so controversial, “Yeaster Egg”. Whether you love or loathe the stuff, even loyal Marmite fans didn’t rush to defend the honour of the yeast and chocolate medley.

The Yeaster Egg became an overnight sensation, selling out in supermarkets across the UK and trending across social media. Could we see a return of the controversial egg this year? We’ll wait and see. Will we give it a try? Probably not.

Buckfast - The Tonic Wine Easter Egg (2017)

Chocolate and wine isn’t an out of the ordinary combination. But, we’d use the term ‘wine’ loosely when describing Buckfast. If you’re lucky enough to have never tried Buckfast, maybe keep it that way.

The fortified tonic, famed in Scotland, created its limited-edition Easter egg and people all across the UK flocked to give it a try. A controversial choice, but we think we’d rather stick with the Marmite ‘Yeaster Egg’.

And there we have it. Our top picks of the best Easter marketing campaigns we’ve seen so far!

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