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How to Get Your Content to “Stick”

How to Get Your Content to “Stick”




Sticky content does exactly what it says in the tin. It sticks.

It’s content that captures your audience’s attention whilst keeping them engaged on your site or with your brand for as long as possible! This is usually achieved through writing some top tier ad copy or creating enticing digital content.

But how do you achieve that? How do you create engaging content that’ll stick in the minds of your target audience? Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and most of the time, ‘sticky’ content doesn’t just *happen* – there’s actually a process to it.

We’ve put together some tips on how to create your own unforgettable content! Let’s get started.

Don’t overcomplicate it

Before you begin creating your content, think of what you want your core message to be. Rely on that core message to give your content the foundations and structure you need for it to be successful.

Research suggests that over 79% of people tend to scan a webpage instead of actually reading it. If you create an ad that’s too overloaded with information, the odds of your target audience losing interest is very high.

Nowadays, customers are becoming more aware of selling tactics, pushy messages and unoriginality; it’s no surprise that over 615 million devices use an adblocker. We’re all guilty of hiding ads that we find annoying, even us professionals! Keeping your content simple, easy to read and enticing is a sure-fire way to keep your content out of ad limbo.
Not to mention, when content marketing is executed in the right way, it can be cost-effective too! Investing into one solid campaign instead of a handful of mediocre ones can be 62% less expensive than a standard outbound campaign. So, quit wasting time on mediocre content and get brainstorming!

Make it memorable

In the year 2021, ads are absolutely everywhere. From billboards to television, Google ads to social ads and so on! It’s estimated that in an average day, most people are exposed to as many as 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day which is crazy to think about, right?

What’s more, is that the majority of the content we’re exposed to goes right over our heads. We’ve all heard of the phrase “attention span of a goldfish”, but to put that into perspective, the average fish has an attention span of 9 seconds. In contrast, a human’s attention span is now a mere 8 seconds. Alas, we used to laugh at Dory from Finding Nemo, but now we’ve become her.

But, without dwelling too much on the man vs fish rivalry – we can probably correlate our lack of attention span to an increase in digital usage. We have ads thrown at us all day, every day, and we’re constantly surfing the web. If we’re not instantly engaged with something, it’s human nature to just switch off. Which, as a brand, is the last thing you want your audience to do. To make your content stick, it’s important to make your site easy to navigate and visually appealing, which in turn will make it memorable. Aim to be that one website that people circle back to!

When creating memorable content, it helps to include a strong call to action, an enticing writing style and, of course, encouraging your audience to click through (a little bit of clickbait never hurt anyone).

Research has also shown that content with emotional content performs twice as well as regular content because it’s more inclined to hold people’s attention and stick in their minds. No, we’re not talking about making people cry at your ads, but using emotional triggers such as FOMO, creating a curiosity gap, positivity and excitement are more likely to get a higher CTR (click-through rate) and make them more memorable too.

If you need a bit more guidance on writing engaging ad copy, head over to our previous blog post!

Find your tone of voice

It goes without saying, really, but it’s surprisingly easy as a brand to neglect your tone of voice (TOV). It can be a fine line to navigate; how do you encourage sales, promote products and so on without losing that spark and sounding too robot-esque.

Finding a strong TOV is arguably one of the most important aspects when creating sticky content. According to Sprout Social, 33% of people said that a brand stands out because they have a distinct personality, while 32% of people said they seek out compelling storytelling.

One brand that always gets its tone of voice spot on and manages to add a touch of personality to everything they do is Oatly. With their tongue-in-cheek writing style, Oatly has dominated billboards, social media campaigns and television ads! Even their Cookie Policy has a touch of personality to it.

If you’re in a bit of a rut with your brand’s TOV, take a look at our blog!

Make it credible

And finally, when it comes to content marketing, the best content is always credible and reliable. As well as creating engaging content, it needs to make sense and be believable too! We all love to think that “XXX” is the “number 1 product”. But, there’s a difference between false claims and using minor clickbait tactics to your advantage.

No matter what you’re promoting, make sure that all of your information can be backed up with facts; if not, you’ll run the risk of losing customers’ trust!

And there you have it, a few quick and easy tips to help your content stick! Want more advice? Why not get in touch. Contact us via our contact page and find out more about our paid social, PPC, design and content services.