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Marketing Calendar 2022: Rogue Dates To Be Aware Of

Marketing Calendar 2022: Rogue Dates To Be Aware Of


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While some well-known dates and worthwhile causes are definitely worth adding to your marketing calendar - think Black History Month, LGBTQ+ Pride Month - you won’t find anything obvious on this list. We’re going rogue.

These are not your everyday national events. We all know about Veganuary and Movember, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and quite frankly, it’s getting boring. 

Spice up your marketing calendar and stand out from the competition by paying homage to the lesser-known events relevant to your brand. 

Here are our favourite unusual national days, weeks and months, and what your brand could do to mark the occasion and make a statement.

January Marketing Calendar Dates

January is famous for a few themes in the marketing world. Recently, veganism has joined the ranks of health, fitness, and the alcohol-free lifestyle as a popular January marketing angle, but the opportunities don’t end there. Here’s what else your brand could celebrate in January 2022:

5th - National Keto Day

Mix up the health and diet theme with a diversion into keto. National Keto Day is an excellent opportunity for food and drinks brands to push their low or no-carb USP or product ranges, rather than just their dairy and meat-free offerings in Jan.

10th - National Houseplant Appreciation Day

In the depths of cold dark winter, people are looking for a way to appreciate nature from the comfort and warmth of their home. What better way to do this than with houseplants? Whether you’re an online plant retailer or a home interior brand stocking plant pots and accessories, make sure to promote the value of houseplants to our health and wellbeing on National Houseplant Appreciation Day.

Houseplants in a line in a brightly lit room.
Celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation day with an indoor jungle.

17th - National Classy Day

People love any excuse to be boujee. Give your customers a reason to splash the cash on whatever you’re selling, be it fashion, food, cars, accessories, skincare, makeup, or anything else in the ‘premium’ bracket. Let’s get fancy.

Meat Week - From last Sunday of January

Are you a meat-loving brand looking for the perfect antidote to Veganuary to drive your sales back up? Meat Week is here to save the day. Pull out all the stops with offers on burgers, sausages, meat-themed merch, whatever tickles your fancy. The potential for meat merriment is almost endless.

February Marketing Calendar Dates

Famed as the month of romance or defiant singledom, February is the battleground of Valentine’s and Galentine’s. But not only that…

1st - National Get Up Day

Don’t let your customers sink into a post-January slump after their New Year health kick. Restart their enthusiasm with National Get Up Day, the ideal opportunity to promote your gym, fitness classes (online or in-person), sports and fitness wear or equipment with a deal.

5th - National Shower With a Friend Day 

Looking for a way to take a quirky, sexy approach to marketing your bath and shower products? Look no further than National Shower With a Friend Day! It’s odd, it’s potentially inappropriate, but it’s sure to get people talking all over social media - the perfect PR storm.

9th - National Toothache Day

Are you a dentist? An at-home teeth whitening or straightening brand? Take the opportunity provided by National Toothache Day to raise awareness about oral health. You could even run an offer to encourage people to take better care of their teeth.

A woman clutches an icepack to have cheek and grimaces in pain.
Ouch. There's a national day for that.

19th - National Lash Day

Here’s one for the makeup brands, beauticians and lash techs. National Lash Day is the one day of the year the girlies have no excuse not to have their lashes *on fleek*. That’s where you step in. Promise them the longest, most voluminous falsies on the market, and keep that promise with a promo to boot.

23rd - National Dog Biscuit Day

As a nation, we love our furry friends. If you’re in the pet product market, National Dog Biscuit Day is one you should have on your radar. After all, dogs deserve discounts too.

March Marketing Calendar Dates

Spring is springing, and Mothers have their day this month. But what rogue events can marketers make the most of?

4th - National Grammar Day

Make sure your copy is on point today, of all days. Not much more to say here.

12th - National Working Mum’s Day

We all love our mums and are used to showing it on Mother’s Day. But what about the working mums specifically? If your brand’s target audience is the mums that do the most, give them some recognition with a one day discount. This could work especially well for beauty, spa, homewares, baby, or boutique fashion brands.

20th - National Proposal Day

Move over Valentine’s Day; you’ve got competition. Calling all jewellers, florists and chocolate retailers; target every eligible bachelor out there with National Proposal Day promo to help them pop the question.

a man slides a diamond ring onto a woman's outstretched hand.
Make sure he pops the question with your brand's ring on National proposal day.

10th - National Pack Your Lunch Day

Snack brands rejoice; National Pack Your Lunch Day is here. This could be a great opportunity to run a social media competition, asking followers to post pics of your product in their packed lunch to be in with a chance of winning freebies.

April Marketing Calendar Dates

The month of Easter holds plenty of promise of warmer weather to come, but it’s not all bunnies and chocolate eggs.

4th - National Vitamin C Day

Health is wealth, so use National Vitamin C day to really drive it home. If you’re in the vitamins and supplements or skincare industries, this is a day for crying from the rooftops the benefits of this active ingredient. If you sell orange juice, it’s even more of a turn up for the books.

7th - National Beer Day

Who doesn’t love a cheeky beer? Make sure yours is the brand on everyone’s lips this National Beer Day. Why not run a crazy free beer promotion? Or roll out a brand new flavour in honour of the occasion. 

14th - National Gardening Day

Roll up your sleeves and start digging in the dirt - it’s National Gardening Day! Springtime is the peak for garden furniture and accessories purchases, so make sure your brand stands out from the crowd by paying homage to this green-fingered day. Proclaim the benefits of gardening for the body, mind and soul to everyone who’ll listen.

23rd - National Picnic Day

Sticking with the great outdoors theme, this is the month that picnic-core gets in full swing. Think gingham blankets, wicker baskets, cute finger foods and cottagecore fashions. If anything your brand sells fits into one of those categories, there’s no way you want to pass up this aesthetically pleasing opportunity for marketing.

a beautiful picnic set up, featuring wicker basker, straw hat with bow, open book and cheeseboard.
It's all about the aesthetics.

National Brunch Month

Brunch is very on-trend now and always, and what better month to celebrate it. If you’re a restaurant or cafe, why not run a month-long brunch offer? If you’re a food retailer, tell customers how to plan their own DIY brunch at home. Plus, this concept is very Instagrammable, so has the potential to produce eye-catching user-generated content for your socials!

May Marketing Calendar Dates

Time for a big bank holiday bonanza, but what more left-field ideas are there to choose from on the marketing calendar?

9th - National Sleepover Day 

The scope for this one is massive. Does your brand sell anything that could possibly relate to sleepovers? We’re thinking fashion, loungewear, skincare, wellness, homewares confectionary, anything movie or TV show-related. Run a sleepover bundle deal or introduce a new product set designed explicitly as a sleepover party favour. Again, social media could play a big part here. Get your customers to tag your brand in their #sleepover pics; it’s excellent organic promo!

28th - National Beef Burger Day

Get your customers cooking, constructing and munching. Whether you’re a humble travelling burger van or an at-home meal prep company, make everything about burgers today. Run a burger offer or discount, or send out free burger recipes to your email list. Think outside the box and be inclusive; what beef burger alternatives could you provide for the veggies and vegans out there?

A beef burger with all the trimmings, including burger sauce, brioche bun, lettuce, tomatoes and gherkin.
It's burger time.

Small Business Week - first week of May

Small businesses rejoice! The UK loves to shop and support local, especially since the pressure of the pandemic on local economies, but Small Business Week is a fantastic opportunity to promote yours. Whether your business is online, bricks and mortar, or a mix of both, proclaim the benefits of shopping small all over social media. Perhaps you could even collaborate with other small businesses in the area or industry, producing a limited edition product range for the occasion or offering discount at one retailer when you shop with the other?

National Egg Month

If you didn’t get enough of eggs at Easter, boy, have we got the month of fun for you. Get eggy with it in May, and celebrate the wonders of the humble egg. This one is pretty broad and flexible - are you a baking brand? An egg-replacement product? A restaurant that sells a lot of omelettes? A chocolate seller that didn’t manage to shift all their Easter egg stock and now wants to run a clearance sale? Get creative with it; this is no yolk.

June Marketing Calendar Dates

Hot girl summer has arrived, but that saying is getting a little old. How else can you make some noise for your brand in the first month of British summer?

1st - National Olive Day + National Nail Polish Day

Love antipasti? Love manicures? Why not combine the two on this double whammy of a June day? Okay, maybe not both at once, but we can bet your brand will be able to take advantage of at least one of these essential milestones. Olive eating competition or nail inspo extravaganza, anyone? 

4th - National Clean Beauty Day

‘Clean’ beauty trends are very in at the moment, as any skincare or beauty brand will tell you. Anything from environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics, to chemical-free and organic ingredients is in high demand. Take advantage of National Clean Beauty Day to spread the word about your brand’s ‘clean’ USPs.

10th - National Movie Night

Cosy up with some popcorn in your best PJs and watch some brilliant cinema. National Movie Night could be the perfect event for a local cinema or events company. Food and drinks brands could market a special movie night snack bundle. At the very least, it provides some blog subject matter for any brand to discuss their fave movies.

the lobby of a tradionally themed cinema, with LED neon lights reading "central cinema".
National Movie Night was made for the big screen.

14th - International Bath Day

We hope you have more than one a year, but if not, today’s definitely the day. Self-care is a big buzzword at the moment. What better way to look after your wellness than with a well-earned bath, complete with all the accessories? We’re thinking bubble bath, bath bombs, scented candles, the softest towels, premium skincare, the whole works. If your brand sells one or more of these products, seize International Bath Day and make it work for you.

21st - National Selfie Day

This one could apply to any brand. Selfies are universal. Encourage your customers to snap a selfie using a custom social media filter or frame and watch the UGC and free online advertising flood in.

July Marketing Calendar Dates

Foreign-holiday season is in full swing, and all the kiddies have broken up from school, but how can your business get a slice of the action? While there may not be too many big national hols, June is a fairly packed one in our rogue marketing calendar.

5th - National Bikini Day

Holiday-makers are packing their suitcases and there’s one thing they can never have too many of - bikinis. Promote yours this National Bikini Day, perhaps with a mix and match deal on two-piece swimsuits.

12th - National Simplicity Day

On the opposite of boujee day, push your customers to enjoy the simpler things in life. Whether you’re in the market for the cheap and cheerful, basic but beaut, or you’re promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle through decreased consumption, just about any brand could take up this broad theme.

13th - National Cow Appreciation Day

One for the vegans and dairy-lovers alike, show a cow some love on National Cow Appreciation today. Whether you sell cheese or other dairy products, leather goods or steak, let your customers know how much you appreciate the cows they came from. Alternatively, if you’re in the plant-based market, show your alliance to the bovine through vegan alternatives and animal welfare support.

Three cows standing in a field. Two face the camera.
Show these guys some love.

17th - World Emoji Day

Go mad with the emojis in all your ad copy today; what more need we say?

21st - Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get to Know Your Customers Day is the perfect opportunity to turn things around and spotlight the customer. We’ll be the first to tell you, Trustpilot can be your best friend or your worst enemy in online retail. Incentivise your loyal customers to leave you a review and boost your score - social proof makes the perfect marketing tool now and down the line, ideal for both bringing in new customers and building a loyal repeat customer base.

23rd - Gorgeous Grandma Day

There’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and now Gorgeous Grandma Day. Show all the gorg g-mas out there some love, and promote the products that will have biddies everywhere crooning over their grandkids when they unwrap their gifts.

31st - National Avocado Day

Uber popular with millennials and Gen Z, this boujee fruit is anything but humble. Why not let everyone know some fun facts about avocados or share some recipes that prove there’s more to this creamy green delight than toast?

August Marketing Calendar Dates

It’s festival season, but big bands and free love shouldn’t be the only thing on marketers’ minds (and calendars).

1st - National Girlfriends Day

Girlfriends aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Go mad for your gal pals or lady lover and show some appreciation for the feminine energies in your life. As for marketing, put together a girlfriend gift guide to help out the hapless partners.

3rd - National Grab Some Nuts Day

Not what it sounds like, get your mind out of the gutter! Today is all about appreciating Mother Nature’s perfect snack. Whether it’s almonds or hazelnuts, cashews or peanuts, it’s time to go nuts for nuts. If you’re in the food and drinks industry, perhaps give some away free with every order from your brand? Get everyone grabbing some nuts on this fine day!

a pile of nuts, including pecans and walnuts.
Grab 'em.

16th - National Tell A Joke Day

April Fools Day isn’t the only day for pranks and jests. Run some antics on social media, or host a best joke competition where the winner gets some freebies.

17th - National I LOVE My Feet Day!

Not actually sure what you could do with this marketing-wise, we just thought we’d make you aware. If anything, it’s a PSA.

31st - National Eat Outside Day

Take things alfresco. Whether it’s a beach barbecue, garden party, country picnic, or tapas on the terrace, the virtues of eating outside abound on this August day. Encourage your customers to appreciate the fine weather with deals on portable snacks and drinks, barbecue fare and outdoor dining accessories.

September Marketing Calendar Dates

Back to school and back to the drawing board for your marketing calendar. As we wave goodbye to summer, why not try one of these wacky national celebrations to boost your brand?

3rd - World Beard Day

Here’s one for the hairy-faced hunks in your life. Bring out the grooming products; facial hair isn’t just for Movember. Why not guide the guys through the perfect beard-care routine with a handy tutorial and product recommendations?

13th - National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

Here’s a family-friendly one for the food brands. Turn the tables and encourage kids to do the cooking on this messy culinary occasion. Promote fun and simple recipes that will help fire up the next generation’s passion for cooking. Today is also an excellent opportunity to promote healthy eating, pleasing parents and kids alike. 

A boy helps his mother in the kitchen, pouring sauce from a jar into a pan of mince.
Let them take control of the cooking.

22nd - National Girls’ Night 

Get the girls together! Whether it’s a big night out or a girly night in, National Girls Night should be celebrated in style! Kit the ladies out with everything they’ll need to paint the town red or chill out instead. This one’s great for fashion and beauty brands.

24th - National Ghost-Hunting Day

Get spooky a month early and start the Halloween marketing before anyone else. Host a local ghost hunt in person, or hide some spooky animated ghosts on your website for customers to find. Each one could even have a discount code, doubling the fun!

National Chicken Month

The cows had their day, now take a whole month for our feathered friends. You know the drill - chicken’s on the menu (and maybe even on offer?) for September.

October Marketing Calendar Dates

There’s way more to spooky season than ghosts and pumpkins.

1st - National Hair Day

Get hairy on the first day of October. All things hair-care, from shampoo and conditioner to colour, heat styling tools, accessories and extensions, are in today. Encourage your customers to mix up their look with a hair makeover and free shipping when they purchase a product they’ve never tried before.

Highlighting foils in a woman's hair.
What makeover will your brand offer this National Hair Day.

5th - National Get Funky Day

If you need telling how to get funky, you’re doing it wrong. This one deserves at least an Insta post in recognition, whatever your brand.

6th - National Plus-Size Appreciation Day

The plus-size clothing market is booming, so chances are if your brand is in fashion, you either have a plus-size range or your selection is size-inclusive. Shout this USP from the rooftops with pride - style doesn’t have a size limit.

14th - Be Bald and Be Free Day

We’re hitting you with the direct opposite to national hair day, because we just love inclusivity. Show the baldies some love. Skincare routine for a bald patch, anyone?

November Marketing Calendar Dates

Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Been there, done that. We’ve got more eccentric fish to fry.

6th - National Nachos Day

Who doesn’t love nachos? However you do them, these tasty chips are a firm fave. If you’re a food brand, why not recommend your own spin on loaded nachos, or offer a deal on the ingredients to whip up the perfect plate. Free nachos with every table make a tasty customer incentive to book.

13th - World Kindness Day

Spread the love on World Kindness Day. Show you care with a donation to charity made with every purchase or spread the word about your brand’s ethical and environmental values and efforts.

18th - National Princess Day

Make every customer feel like royalty with deals galore. We’re thinking of a Cinderella-style ‘glam on a budget’ take. If you have a brick and mortar store or salon, you could even offer a makeover option, for no reason other than wanting to make everyone feel like a princess for a day.

December Marketing Calendar Dates

Forget Christmas and New Year; everyone will be doing those. How about these hot takes instead?

A faux fur throw arranged over a brown leather sofa.
Faux Fur Friday is the perfect marketing opportunity for soft furnishings.

3rd - Faux Fur Friday

Thanks to outcry from animal rights activists and boycotting from generally decent humans, the real fur industry is declining. Promote your faux fur clothing or homeware items as an ethical alternative.

6th - National Microwave Oven Day

Cook up a storm in this under-appreciated kitchen appliance. If you sell microwave meals, this is the day for you.

11th - National App Day

Apps are a great way to gain your business access to the data of high-intent consumers, ideal for use in retargeting material later. Incentivise consumers to download your app on National App Day by offering a discount or free shipping on all purchases made through the app.

18th - National Twin Day 

Whatever you’re selling, twins will take two. Run a buy one get one free offer today to take the strain off parents with twins. This offer would work particularly well for baby and child-oriented brands.

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So there you have it, plenty to of prospects for marketing in 2022. We can’t wait to see what twists brand put on these national days in the months to come. 

We better not catch you complaining about a lack of material for your marketing calendar this year! There really is a day for everything…

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