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Our Favourite Sustainable and Eco-Conscious TikTok Accounts You Should Know

Our Favourite Sustainable and Eco-Conscious TikTok Accounts You Should Know


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In celebration of Earth Month, we’ve scrolled through TikTok and have decided to spotlight a few of our favourite users who are sparking a change in the collective consciousness of climate change!

Each user showcases easy and accessible ways to replace your actions to help lessen your carbon footprint, no matter your situation. From broadening your knowledge, to buying second-hand, and even activating your green thumbs! These users have broken down the ways in which you can change your lifestyle for the better. 


Positively Green Living is an uplifting account focussing on promoting an accessible greener way of living. Hosted by the incredible Kerry Maule who shares all the vital information for making the incremental changes to your lifestyle that you might be looking for! (Or just a little bit of reassurance to calm your Eco Anxiety)! 


Goldilocks Goods are an amazing Canadian based environmental brand who makes beeswax wraps out of stunning cloths! Their videos showcase all the satisfying ways to wrap irregular shaped objects, how to make pouches and extra hints about how to effectively use beeswax wraps! 


@joesgarden Today we are back and I am using carrot and radish tops to make pesto. We often throw away the stems of out veggies, which is a real shame as they often have so many uses. We also share my JoesGarden tip as to how to use this pesto. It is worth noting I am using fresh orgainic homegrown veggies for this recipe, which I know are chemical free. It is worth checking your crops before using this recipe. I always recommend growing your own, but it that’s not possible then organic farmers markets are a great place to buy. I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday, and I love you all! 😊🌱 #pesto #zerowaste #growyourownfood #reuse #garden #homegrown #sustainabilty #ecotips #lifehacks #diy ♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Geek Music

Learn the top tips and tricks for gardening, foraging and zero waste cooking! Personally, Joe makes my day everytime he appears on my feed and inspires me to be more conscious with my cooking and food waste (and try my hand at gardening)!


Climatt is a Scientist who’s informational videos are educating the world of TikTok about the effects of climate change. If you’re interested in everything insects, science and climate, Matt’s the account for you! 


Venetia La Manna is a fashion-forward influencer who believes in ‘fair fashion’ and aims to help others make the switch from fast fashion to sustainable. Her styling videos and advocacy for helping others to seek enjoyment in second-hand clothes is truly inspiring. (And don’t we all love a great thrift haul?).


Little Green Panda is a 100% plastic-free straw and cutlery company whose products are designed to disappear! Their TikTok videos are informative, funny and shed some light on alternative and biodegradable options for single-use utensils.

And there we have it! Our most inspiring TikTok Accounts in Earth Month! Found any others worth spotlighting? Send us a DM and let us know! 

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