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Look What You Made Her Do: Did Taylor Swift Really Crash Shopify? 

Look What You Made Her Do: Did Taylor Swift Really Crash Shopify? 




Pop sensation and self-professed Mastermind Taylor Swift has broken record after record in previous years. 

While the rest of us spent lockdown in perpetual doom, Ms Swift was living in a folklorian dreamscape dedicating her Midnights to releasing not one but two albums as well as working on re-recording her previous albums.

The Rise Of Swift’s Popularity 

Since 2019, she’s released Seven albums - but why? Long Story Short, after leaving her record label (Big Machine Records), Swift tried to buy back her masters and whole discography of work. However, music executive Scooter Braun acquired them instead. 

The loophole to regain ownership was for Taylor to re-record her old music, with the incentive of adding unreleased tracks from that ‘Era’ to incentivise fans to only stream the new (Taylor’s) version.

Times Taylor Swift Broke The Internet

The re-releasing of her albums has made the singer-songwriter’s fame skyrocket, leading her to break the internet on more than one occasion…

Back in October 2022, she crashed Spotify within minutes of releasing her surprise album, ‘Midnights’. 

This happened again in November 2022. Taylor took to social media, announcing her worldwide tour, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”, a journey through the musical eras of her career. This subsequently led to the Ticketmaster site crashing - over 3.5 million fans pre-registered for Taylor’s Verified Fan program and flocked to buy tickets like a Gold Rush (the largest registration in Ticketmaster’s history), and the site simply couldn’t handle the demand. 

And low and behold, yesterday there was another Glitch. The global platform Shopify suffered an outage, preventing shoppers from using affected merchants - not ideal a week ahead of the busiest shopping period of the year. 

Call It What You Want, but is it really a coincidence that Shopify crashed at the exact same time that the Taylor Swift Holiday Merch Collection launched on Something tells us none of this was accidental, and she laid the groundwork. 

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