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What is ROI Hunter & How Does it Benefit Brands?

What is ROI Hunter & How Does it Benefit Brands?




Digital Media Team work with marketing platform ROI Hunter to help improve efficiency and performance across client ad accounts. Once you sign up as a DMT client, you’ll receive all of the benefits of this intelligent platform. In this article we’ll take a look at what those benefits are, and what they mean to your brand.


What is ROI Hunter?

ROI Hunter is a marketing platform that helps increase the efficiency and ability to manage paid social adverts. Not only does ROI Hunter empower marketers with actionable data and performance insights, it also increases the capacity of graphic designers with easy-to-use customisable templates.

How do DMT use ROI Hunter?

DMT use ROI Hunter in a number of ways, based on the department using the tool.

The paid social team make use of different rules to help monitor and optimise client accounts, which helps especially outside of working hours. Rules can be set to be actioned when a specific KPI is met.

ROI Hunter allows for more customisation of DPAs (dynamic product ads). The ability to pull through a huge variety of variables means we can use different templates for multiple collections. Rules can also be set based on timeframes – for example, if your brand has free delivery on weekends, we can set up an automated rule to display a free delivery template only over the weekends.

Our design team mainly use ROI Hunter for DPA activity too. Generally speaking, DPAs are the most powerful ad placements on Facebook, but usually these ads are very plain looking, pulling through plain eCommerce photos from your website.

What are the benefits to DMT clients?


The platform allows us to save large amounts of time when optimising and uploading ads. Uploading multiple ads to Facebook is a very time consuming process whereas ROI Hunter allows us to do it within a fraction of the time. For clients, it ensures that ads are scheduled on time and there is an extra level of monitoring on the account at all times.

Intelligent automation helps you grow and scale

By setting up intelligent rules and automations, we can optimise and scale your account around the clock. Here’s an example – say we set up a payday ad that’s doing really well. If it keeps hitting a high ROAS, we want to get that ad in front of as many people as possible. The rules will check the campaign around the clock and increase budgets if the ROAS target is hit, and so on. It’s a very clever and automated way to scale accounts around the clock, without the need for us to do it manually. It doesn’t just work on ROAS either, you can pick any KPI and set rules off the back of them.

Stand out in the feed

Being able to customise the normally plain DPA templates helps your brand to stand out in an increasingly-competitive news feed. We can showcase your USPs on the ads, displaying your delivery options, Trustpilot ratings, payment options, awards and so forth.

Improved performance

Since using ROI Hunter’s custom templates we have seen vast improvements to our client accounts. Not only are the custom DPA templates stronger feed disruptors, but the rules and automations help increase results as we optimise around the clock to ensure best-performance.

Track cross-channel performance with Google Analytics

As ROI Hunter pulls data through from Google Analytics, this helps us track your marketing performance across a range of channels. This is a huge benefit in these times, as the iOS update has disrupted the level of reporting offered by Ads Manager itself. What’s more, we can also use data from Google Analytics build our audiences, helping us improve our targeting. The analytics side of ROI is also really handy, offering more visual ways of tracking your KPIs, in graph and chart formats.

Sets you ahead of the competition

As the only UK agency using ROI Hunter, our clients have a level of exclusivity. Your competitors are very unlikely to be using this tool, so you’ll be utilising tools they don’t have access to. An edge like this is exactly what you need in a competitive marketplace.

Costly tool included in your retainer fees

You get complete access to a software that ordinarily would cost tens of thousands of pounds (and then some!). If you were to sign up with ROI Hunter directly, you’d have to pay the full price of the platform, plus the cost of an internal marketing employee. We don’t charge extra for use of ROI Hunter, it’s all built into our fees.

Access to new products and features

What’s more, due to our relationship with ROI Hunter, we’ve been involved in new tests coming to the platform, such as connecting Google Analytics and Google shopping to our Facebook ads. This has allowed us to fully utilise cross channels trends within our campaigns.

Skip the dreaded learning phase

Another really handy benefit of ROI Hunter is that it helps us ‘skip the learning phase. If we make changes to DPAs in ROI Hunter, it won’t affect the ads by sending them back into the learning phase, which would happen if we made the changes on Facebook Ads Manager itself. By skipping the learning phase, we avoid any detrimental downtime which can affect performance and drop ROAS.

Which other businesses use ROI Hunter?

ROI Hunter is used by huge brands such as, T-Mobile and Boohoo. As we’re the only UK agency using the software, this puts you ahead of the competition.

Excited? You should be. If you want to find out more about ROI Hunter or DMT’s services, get in touch. We’d love to have a chat with you and show you how we can help your business grow and scale.