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What Social Media Platform Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What Social Media Platform Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?




There is no doubt that today’s social media platforms are just like people. They come with unique personalities, features, and values. We spend hours on these apps, getting to know all the tools and becoming more confident about how they work. With the current craze surrounding astrology, we decided to use our deep knowledge of social media to select which star signs align with our favourite platforms!

So, What Platform Are You?


Just like many of our favourite Youtubers, Aries are confident, out-going leaders who like to build close communities. With their never-ending energy levels, Aries are just like those who can create (or watch) endless Youtube videos!


Taurus is that low-maintenance friend or colleague who is very dependable. Just like Whatsapp, Taurus can always get the job done without much fuss. However, as a stubborn sign who might get irritated from time to time, we don’t recommend sending them too many messages at once!


There's never a boring moment while in the company of a Gemini. They are without a doubt, the social butterflies of the zodiac. Just like many Instagram influencers, Geminis are great at expressing themselves and sharing all of their thoughts and feelings.


Cancer is extremely cautious. They like to keep it low-key, making Snapchat a very sensible option. Although they are friendly and like to talk to other people in their circle, they are not the type to enjoy large social gatherings. Oversharing to thousands of followers? Hell no! Ghost mode? YES! Private Story? Absolutely!


Just like TikTok, Leos are creative, theatrical and confident. There is no denying that Leos always want to be in the limelight. On TikTok, every video has the chance to go viral and make any user the centre of attention. This is exactly what every Leo wants to gain from social media!


Just like many Facebook users, Virgos like to gather a lot of information. With a deep desire to learn combined with their nosey personalities, Virgos want to know everything about everyone.


Libras strongly believe in the power of social connections. They are also intelligent individuals who like to focus on their careers, as well as the happiness of others around them. Their desire to connect with the world makes them a perfect match for LinkedIn. 


Scorpios are without a doubt, the most passionate and flirtatious star sign. Just like those on Tinder, Scorpios have a burning desire to connect with that special someone. The only difference is that this star sign will skip past those cheesy one-liners and jump straight into action!


Just like Be Real users, Sagittarius signs are often known for their brutally honest and “no filter” personalities. They enjoy being open and truthful with those who are closest to them. Never tell a lie when you are in the company of a Sagittarius, they won’t need a notification to know if you are being real…


As hard-headed, fact-loving individuals, Capricorn and Twitter are definitely a match made in heaven. We don’t recommend arguing with a fellow Capricorn, they know their facts and have probably already typed out a lengthy Twitter thread!


Aquarius people are mature, intelligent and enthusiastic. Similar to Reddit users, they love to have engaging conversations. They believe strong communication erases misunderstandings and prevents problematic relationships. 


As the most creative star sign, Pisces regularly show their artistic side in daily life. Just like the mood boards of Pinterest, Pisces are known for visualising all things artistic and having clear imaginations.

Although we’re not experts in astrology, we definitely know a thing or two about social media. Get in touch today and learn more about how our Paid Social team can help your business grow!