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The Client.

ButtonFresh is a menswear company that sells end-of-season, clearance and overstocked clothes at ridiculously cheap prices. They’re incredibly down-to-earth and honest about their business model, stating humorously that “over a million customers can’t be wrong. At least we hope not - that would be a lot of mistakes.”

The Challenge.

Work started on ButtonFresh’s Meta and Google channels in late 2021. With the Meta account being brand new and the company previously only being an Amazon seller, we had our work cut out for us.

The primary goal when joining us was for ButtonFresh to increase online sales to their site. An added challenge on our side was that stock being so cheap meant we needed to maintain a higher ROAS in order to be profitable.

The Results.

Results were strong from the get-go with ButtonFresh, but we’ve successfully managed to scale from a £1000/month spend at the end of 2021 to over £10k/month on PPC alone, maintaining a ROAS target of £5 and keeping the account profitable while maximising top-line revenue and site traffic. Our year-on-year data on Meta has seen spend go up 137%, revenue go up 197%, and ROAS go from £4.86 to £6.09.

ButtonFresh made over £100k in-platform on Meta alone in April 2023, and then repeated this feat in May. Not only is this incredible growth, but it’s more than what was made on the platform combined in January-April 2022.

The biggest driver of conversions on PPC has come from setting up a Bestsellers campaign through Performance Max, where we also implemented a low-sellers campaign in order to pull less popular products away from the main PMax campaign and boost profitability. We’ve also been able to drive additional conversions and grow the brand with new audiences through supplementary Display and non-brand Search campaigns.

Following on from the success of DMT’s work with ButtonFresh, the client began using our email marketing services in 2022. You can find out more about our further successes with email campaigns here.


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