The client.

Eatlean is a high protein, low carb cheese which has been developed specifically to help with weight loss and diet plans for a leaner, healthier lifestyle. Produced by Nantwich-based cheesemakers Joseph Heler, Eatlean are innovators in their industry.

Their trailblazing technique saw them become the first protein cheese on the market, and their completely natural cheese is unmatchable when it comes to nutrition. Eatlean’s standard Block contains 37g of protein per 100g, compared to just 25g in standard cheddar. It also contains 90% less fat and 55% fewer calories.

With a growing variety of products including spreadable, Tasty, smoked and shakers making it easy to eat cheese and stay on track with a healthy lifestyle, Eatlean is fast-becoming a household name in the fitness and nutrition industries.

The challenge.

The client approached us as they knew the importance of social media advertising. Eatlean had been on the market for over a year, and had grown a modest following on social media. Those who knew of the Eatlean brand and bought into their mission had become loyal brand ambassadors. However, the product itself is a bit of a ‘marmite’ item – people either love it or hate it. Whilst Eatlean has fantastic nutritional stats, some customers can’t handle the texture, which is slightly harder than standard cheddar. Rather than shying away from this point of contention, the client embraced it, going on to release a ‘Tasty’ version of the cheese, with a slightly higher fat content, that was more akin to other brands’ reduced fat offerings, but with a higher percentage of protein. The client wanted to use social media to boost online sales, having recently updated their ecommerce site. A key challenge here was to encourage customers to buy cheese from a dedicated online cheese store – forcing the customer out of their usual buying habitat which is most likely a supermarket, either online or in-store. Due to the nature of the item, the cheese needs to be kept cool during delivery, which poses another challenge. In addition to selling online, the client also wanted to boost sales of certain items in supermarkets. It was up to our paid social team to spread the word about Eatlean and really drive those sales. The client also added PPC to their service after initially focusing solely on social.

The results.

After introducing Eatlean to social advertising and overcoming the initial hurdle of convincing consumers to purchase cheese online, we’ve managed to hit a ROAS of 6 and are continually changing people’s perspective of buying cheese from a brand website. Since taking over the account we have increased purchases by 354%, increased reach by 82% and dropped CPM by 77%.