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Email Marketing: 5 Brands That Are Killing It

Email Marketing: 5 Brands That Are Killing It




When you’re logging into a bulging inbox, the last thing you want to see is twenty dry, bland and generic marketing emails sent out from companies who clearly just want your money and don’t really care about you.

A newsletter from that clothes shop you subscribed to just to get free wifi in town is going straight in the bin. So why do we bother writing them? Why do brands spend their money on sending out thousands of emails every year to their mailing lists?

Because, when done right, email marketing really works.

A lot of factors go into making brand emails great, including killer subject lines to increase open rates (we’ve got a blog on that, too), making topical and entertaining content align with what you’re advertising, and ensuring your email’s design is on-brand and pretty as a picture. If you’re struggling with the latter, just speak to our design team – they really know their stuff when it comes to Klaviyo.

Today we’re looking at five brands who are doing all this and more to win over their readers and convert clicks into sales.


We’re starting with a brand that’s killer when it comes to creative copy. Redbubble may be famous as a print-your-own sticker/mugs/phone case/et cetera company, but it takes a lot of advertising to keep people interested. None of these items are necessities, nor are they things you really think about buying on the regular without prompts.


That’s where their emails come in. Discounts are commonplace in their marketing, and here they’ve taken it one step further, taking cues from Amazon’s “Prime Day” and using clever wordplay to be a little bit cheeky. Nods like these are great – we’ve been known to use this kind of cheek in our own client’s copy, and it can be super successful.


While Pura is a fairly young company, it’s already making waves in the baby wipes industry as a fierce competitor. They’re 100% biodegradable, compostable, plastic-free, eco-friendly… the list goes on. And like Redbubble, it’s not afraid to be a little bit cheeky.

The thing that makes Pura’s voice unique is that it embraces the fact that it’s for babies, and plays on this by speaking on their behalf. A little bit of baby talk here and there, while reminding parents that they need to be looking out for their little one’s planet.


Their mailing service offers baby wipe subscriptions, with helpful reminders when they think you’re about to run out. If that isn’t enough, each email features the cutest babies that leave us feeling far too broody for our own good.


This US-based SPF and sunscreen brand Supergoop does an absolutely amazing job of combining clever copy, gorgeous design, and interesting products that you really want to find out more about.


They also use email client Klaviyo to take their emails to another level. If you aren’t using Klaviyo yet, you need to have a chat with us (see the bottom of the post for more).


In the first example email, you can see they really aim for the personal approach by introducing Holly Thaggard, the CEO. Her signature adds a personal touch, as well as referring to their work as “a movement”. A final *chef’s kiss* touch is the coupon code: SPFYEAH. Really great work from them.

Sinners Attire

There’s something effortlessly cool about Sinners Attire’s email marketing. The copy is short and sweet, the image takes centre stage, and every email begins with “HEY SNRS”.


The company has a pretty sick following, full of lads who know exactly what they want in a brand, and this brand gives it to them in bucketloads.


We’re gonna keep our final pick brief. Or boxer. Which do you prefer?


MeUndies’ colourful, wavy design makes their email look like a pants party. A couple of butt shots, a peach emoji, and the adopted name of their team as the “CheekSquad” solidifies them as a brand who knows exactly who they are.


But the thing that tops off this incredible piece of email marketing is the haiku. Whoever came up with that idea was a pure genius, and we salute them.

These examples go to show that emails don’t have to be a waste of time and money, and a mailing list isn’t just about that coveted “10% off your first order” for your customers. Make it something fun and worth the open for, and it has a much lower chance of being moved to junk.

Have no idea where to start with email marketing? That’s where we come in. Not only do we have a dedicated creative team (who are also really good at their jobs), but we’re partners with Klaviyo, and can get you set up for email success!

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