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The Importance of Meme Marketing

The Importance of Meme Marketing




The importance of meme marketing has increased drastically over the last few years, with a rise in social media giants, such as Netflix, using meme-posting to help their digital marketing campaigns. Memes are a vital part of today’s social world, with the average millennial looking at between 20-30 memes a day. They’re entertaining, relatable, easy to consume, and so regularly shared around that if you show someone a meme you’ve seen online, it’s likely that they’ve seen it too.  

Understanding how to effectively use memes to assist with your marketing campaigns is very important for today’s social media managers, and knowing the importance of why you should be using memes is equally as crucial.

Help to keep up-to-date and on-trend

Social media is constantly evolving and keeping up with ongoing trends is becoming increasingly more important for brands. You don’t want to fall behind the curve whilst your competitors are busy capitalising on the latest viral crazes, so utilising and sharing memes on social media can seriously increase engagement.  

Additionally, creating and sharing your own memes that relate to the latest social media trends shows that your brand is able to refresh its content to stay in line with what’s popular on the internet at that time, something that could impress users into engaging with your brand.

Increase engagement with your brand

Meme marketing is very good for driving engagement for your business and bringing customers to your brand, with meme posts having ten times more reach than regular marketing graphics. Keeping up with trending memes allows you to stay up-to-date on what’s popular, and through this, you can create more traffic to your business. As memes are so widely shared amongst friends, families, or just anyone who’s scrolling through Twitter, the number of people hearing about your brand can so quickly skyrocket.

One company that engages in meme marketing very well is Netflix. Their regular inclusion of relatable memes in their social posts has become well-known and causes many of their posts to go viral. Netflix’s use of memes works so well for them, as they always relate to the latest trending show on the platform, almost inviting people watching such shows or films. Because of how popular Netflix’s memes have become, they’ve created their own Instagram & Twitter accounts dedicated to meme-posting: Instagram / Twitter

Meme Marketing is fun for creators

An added benefit of meme marketing is that it can be fun for those who create and post them. Many people who view popular memes on social media find them relatable and engaging, and it’s all because of the creativity behind their creation. Every company aims to increase traffic to their brand, and meme-posting gives social media managers a fun & different avenue to explore when trying to drive engagement. If you’re not having fun with your content creation, then maybe you need to switch things up a bit, something you can read more about here.

However, it’s important to note that meme marketing isn’t good practice for every brand. Meme-posting does not translate well for brands with a more serious tone of voice unless it’s directly related to a specific product or service on offer. Posting memes that are off-brand for a company could discourage people from using them in the future as it may show the company as not being very serious about itself.

It’s free & easy

An added benefit of meme marketing is that it’s generally free, provided you don’t pay premium prices to create memes on certain websites. Simply adding text to a meme template is free on most platforms and can therefore be an incredibly cost-effective way to market to your customers.

Memes are also quite simple to make. It’s not exactly as straightforward as adding text to an image, posting it and then going viral, but for seasoned meme-creators, it can become second nature. A bit of creativity has to go into the creation of memes, with the text that you use needing to actually relate to the post & be a bit funny. Nonetheless, as long as you’re original, meme-creating can be a simple marketing tool to help drive engagement to your brand.

Understanding the importance of meme marketing is very important for brands who want to increase customer engagement & drive traffic to their website or products. Creating a viral meme that capitalises on certain trends can shoot a company into the social media feeds of so many users and introduce a large number of new clients into the brand, something that all companies want to happen.

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