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Email marketing is one of the most profitable channels, especially when run alongside paid advertising. Supercharge your open rates and drop your brand message right in-front of your customers’ eyes by hiring Klaviyo partner Digital Media Team as your email marketing agency.

As Klaviyo partners, our email marketing agency is at the forefront of email marketing for eCommerce. We’ll help increase your customer communications with intelligent marketing automation, from the welcome email right through to abandoned baskets and post-purchase. No eCommerce brand should be without a solid email marketing strategy, and Klaviyo is simply the best provider around. Add DMT to that mix and it’s a match made in heaven.

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Want to learn more? Use the contact form to request more information about our email marketing agency. Leave your contact info, company name and whether you’re currently with Klaviyo. One of our team members will be in touch to find out more about your business, and how hiring DMT as your email marketing agency can help take you to the top. Alternatively, you can book in a 15 minute intro call directly using the calendar after submitting the form.

Keep scrolling for a rundown of our email marketing service, including a brief explanation of Klaviyo, the benefits of using an email marketing agency, along with insights and the USPs that make Digital Media Team a cut above the rest.

We’ve cut our teeth in the fashion and eCommerce industries, generating amazing results across, food, furniture, beauty and many more sectors. As thriving, high-end marketing agency, our client list reads as a who’s who in the Manchester fashion world, with our reputation growing by the day.

We’ve got plenty of case studies to back up our rep’, click through to browse a few of our key clients and results. We’ll also send you out an email marketing brand deck once you fill in the contact form, we’re nice like that.

Our email marketing agency has the skills and expertise to transform your brand’s email strategy. We’ve worked our magic on the likes of eCommerce brands such as Boot Buddy, Sinners Attire and Rebellious Fashion. We’ll help build eye-catching, inspiring emails that drive clicks and conversions.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of the eCommerce industry, and we’ve forged a solid relationship with Klaviyo – leaders in email marketing for eCommerce. Their intelligent software will help us to build out flows and automations, dropping your brand message into the inboxes of hungry customers who are primed for purchase.

What is Email Marketing?

In a nutshell, email marketing is the use of email to promote your products or services. Email is a great way to develop relationships with your potential customers or clients. When performed well, it can help you to keep your customers informed and tailor marketing messages to your audience. Enlisting the help of an email marketing agency is a great way to maximise your performance. Gone are the days of clunky, boring emails. With Klaviyo, we’ll combine eye catching designs, powerful personalisation and intelligent automation to help drive traffic and revenue.

What Are the Benefits to My Business?

Email allows you to target particular groups of customers or even specific individuals, allowing you to personalise your email campaigns, helping increase relevance and chances of opens, clicks and conversions. Email personalisation helps to develop and nurture customer relationships, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. What’s more, email is one of the most effective channels, with conversion rates least three times higher than social media. Unlock the power of email with an email marketing agency who’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Is Email Marketing For Me?

Email marketing can be beneficial for all businesses, especially in the world of eCommerce. If you have a lot of customer data already on hand, you’re in a great position to start planning your email strategy. When added in to an omni-channel digital strategy, email can be a fantastic addition to your digital toolbox. At dmt we use Klaviyo for our emails, a feature-rich tool that’s absolutely ideal for eCommerce.

The huge advantage email offers is that prospects and customers are more likely to see an email than they are a social media ad. Posting an ad on social media doesn’t mean that everyone you want to see your message will see it. An email, on the other hand, will sit in an inbox until it’s read or deleted.

When you hire dmt as your email marketing agency, we’ll help map our your email strategy from top to bottom. We’ll craft beautifully-designed templates for your campaigns, writing copy that entices users into buying. Using Klaviyo, we’ll build intelligent email flows to drive conversions, segmenting your audience list for maximum performance. The smart thing about Klaviyo is automation – we’ll set up flows that work around the clock, including abandoned cart flows to help convert lost sales.

Why Klaviyo?

We’re glad you asked. Klaviyo is the future of eCommerce marketing. More than 30,000 brands use Klaviyo to build on their customer relationships with highly-targeted email marketing. What’s more, they do it with ease thanks to clever automations. Forget getting lost in spreadsheets or losing track of your lists, harness the power of Klaviyo and experience slick segmentation, powerful automation and deep eCommerce integrations to sell more without wasting your valuable time. eCommerce companies see an average of a 45% lift in sales after moving to Klaviyo. Let’s make that switch together.

Why You Should Work With DMT?

We are an experienced email marketing agency with a passionate Manchester heart. We specialise in digital marketing for eCommerce companies, positioning ourselves as the ultimate digital toolkit for eCommerce brands wanting to outperform the competition. Our core services include PPC, paid social, email marketing and social media management. We’ll explore how best to achieve your goals, putting you in the hands of our talented team. We’re confident you’ll love the way we work – you’ll soon realise why our client retention is so impressive. Once you pick DMT, you never look back. If you’ve struggled with email marketing in the past, we’d love the chance to show you how different things can be when you work with the right email marketing agency.

Email Marketing Features

Here’s what goes into our email service, helping your business maximise the potential of this highly lucrative channel. Using an experienced marketing agency gives you access to the following email marketing services, and more:

Klaviyo Partners

We’re marketing partners with Klaviyo – a powerful email marketing automation platform designed with eCommerce in mind.


Boost your chances of conversion by retargeting customers who abandon baskets. Email marketing is the perfect addition to social media advertising.


Personalised emails help you resonate with your customers, increasing loyalty, purchase value and brand advocacy.


Our design team will create bespoke templates for your emails, helping them light up your customers’ inbox.


Our content team will craft killer headlines and body copy that converts, helping your business stand out from the competition.

Powerful segmentation

We target based on what customers bought, where they clicked and what makes them tick, giving them emails they want to receive.


Klaviyo allows for a wide range of platforms to sync their data instantaneously, including platforms such as Shopify, Facebook and Amazon. These integrations allow for the collection of rich data, which then can be manipulated and utilised via automations and segmentation. It’s this side of Klaviyo that makes it so powerful for eCommerce businesses, where data is everything.

“Klaviyo creates personalised experiences for your customers through data, this means more clicks for your ads, more traffic to your site and more revenue for your business”

5* Email Marketing Agency Manchester

There’s a reason why we’ve got such a loyal client base. We pride ourselves on our techniques, coupled with a service level that’s second to none. We take a very hands-on, client-first approach to our email marketing. We’ll take the time to get under the skin of your business, immersing ourselves in your key goals and core values.

Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve got a 5* rating on Clutch and Trustpilot, and also rank as a top email marketing agency on The Manifest.

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Case Studies

Our Klaviyo email clients include Sinners Attire and Boot Buddy. Click through to find out more about the methodology and results for these projects.

Want to know more about the benefits of using an email marketing agency, or find out more about any of our other digital marketing services? Get in touch via our contact page.

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