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Struggling with your organic social media management? Forget hiring, our content service is the perfect add-on to your in-house team. We’ll implement a completely bespoke social media content strategy, tricks of the trade, help with brand tone, and your own dedicated consultant to support you on an on-going basis.

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Our social media management team has years of agency and in-house experience, working on a wide range of brands from all sectors. We’ll help plan out engaging content whilst growing and nurturing your audience, turning your followers into loyal brand ambassadors.

We’re fiercely proud of our knowledge and experience of social media, having worked in this fast-paced industry across a huge number of accounts. If there’s a trick of the trade, we know it. We guarantee you won’t find a social media team like us.

What is Social Media Management?

Can’t find the words? Our social media management service is just for you. dmt’s grammar-loving content writers are adept at nailing brand tone of voice and building social media content strategies that delight both clients and customers alike. Social media management is our original service, and we’ve perfected our practice to an art. Your service will include social media strategy, comment management, follower growth and more.

How Will Using a Social Media Management Agency Benefit My Business?

A solid organic strategy is paramount to succeeding on social media. If you need a little bit of guidance when it comes to your daily posting, enlisting the help of our lovely content team could be ideal for you. We’ll explore the ins and outs of your brand, publishing content that make your target audience buy into your brand values. It’s a great addition to your marketing set up without having to hire a new team member.

Is Social Media Management for Me?

Having a content marketing expert in charge of your social media strategy is perfect for business owners and marketers who are happy to implement their own content strategies, but just need that bit of strategy and guidance to do so. We’re the ultimate cheatsheet – and we’re also charming, well-read and meticulous AF.

How Much Will it Cost?

We’ll put together a bespoke cost for your brand based on the channels and features required. Your pricing will be based on a monthly retainer structure. We also recommend allocating a budget for promoting organic posts – we’ll calculate the right cost in your proposal, and we’ll manage the spend ourselves to maximise the performance of our content.

Social Media Management Features

Our social media management service is packed full of features. Here’s some more info.

Bespoke Content Strategy

We’ll help you build out a bespoke content strategy, planning engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

Content Calendar

We’ll add content ideas to your very own calendar, helping you plan out what to post and when to post it for maximum effectiveness.

Page Growth

We’ll work on growing your pages, publishing follower campaigns on Facebook and interacting with your audience.

Tone of Voice

Ongoing help with your brand tone of voice will ensure your copy and captions perfectly encapsulate your values.

Dedicated Consultant

At dmt we’re all about relationships, and we’re sure you and your dedicated consultant will be a match made in heaven.

Analytical Report

You’ll receive an in-depth analytical report as part of your service, helping you track your performance on a granular level.

Social Media Platforms

It’s a common mistake to think that you need to have a social media presence on every channel. It’s far more effective to identify the channels that your target demographic are using, and put yourself on those platforms with a bespoke, inspired strategy. Having a weak presence over too many channels might actually negatively impact your business. We’ll work closely with you to plan out the right channels for your brand before we build our social media content strategies.

Free Audits

Not sure how your social media presence fares against your competitors? Get an expert opinion from an experienced social media agency without spending a penny. We’ll take a deep dive of your social channels, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, whilst looking for ways to enforce brand consistency, increase engagement and stand out from the crowd. We’ll kick things off with a call to get to grips with your business and goals, then go from there. Auditing your social media strategy is a great way to set yourself on the road to success. To get started, drop us a line with your info.

Case Studies

Some of our organic social media case studies include Funkifabrics and Moda Furnishings.


What Our Clients Say

“I can’t put into words how amazing these guys are. Nothing is too much trouble and they always produce fantastic content for us.” – Sarah Travell, Virgate Accounts

Want to know more about how our social media management service matches your business needs? Drop us a line using the contact page.

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